International Shopping in Hokkaido Omiyage Tankentai


a. Prohibited articles for international shipping parcel
All ROYCE goods / Frozen goods / Refrigerated goods

b. Cancellation.
When you want to cancel your order, please notify us to cancel the order.
*After dispatching your goods, we cannot accept “Cancellation“ in normal condition.

c. Additional products.
While you want to add goods, please place a new order for the additional items. And remark the combining order number in your new order.
*After dispatching the former order, we cannot arrange “Combine orders“ in normal condition.
** We cannot arrange “Combine orders or Add items“ during the delivery promo.

d. Correcting the shipping address.
When you want to correct your shipping address, please notify us as soon as possible. After dispatching your goods, we cannot arrange “Correction“ for the dispatch note.

For international shipping orders in our shop

  1. You should get an email titled “[Rakuten Ichiba]Order Confirmation(Automatic Reply) “ from Rakuten Global market after placing your order. ➝ Do Not reply us by this email.
  2. After getting your order, we are going to confirm delivery fee.
    If actual postage is less than or equal to estimated delivery fee in Rakuten Global market, we will process to charge you the total bill immediately.
    *International shipping fee (EMS) is depended on total weight of your goods with a cardboard.
  3. While actual postage exceeds the estimated amount in Rakuten Global, we will resend you with titling
    “Please check the shipping charges”.
    ➝ Please check the content of this email and reply us whatever you would like to pay your bill or cancel via the email.
    We are going to process or cancel your order from your reply.
  4. To request payment via Rakuten settlement system.
    @ Credit card: we are going to take an authorization from your credit card when you choose to pay your bill by credit card in your order.

    @ PayPal/ UnionPay/AliPay: when you choose PayPal or Unionpay or AliPay to pay your bill, we will send you an email about payment link via Rakuten settlement system. Please follow the steps in the email to finish your payment.
  5. Dispatching your parcel
    While we ensured your payment, we are going to dispatch your goods within 2-3 days in normal condition. After dispatching your parcel, we also inform you the tracking number via email.
    *The parcel might be delayed to dispatch when in shortage or delivery fee promo.
    **We could not fill undervalue into a dispatch note due to EMS insurance. Please understand this.

Payment method

●Credit card

*We will email you “ For your credit card“ as your credit card is invalid. Please place a new order and notify us to cancel the current order.
Or change you payment method such as PayPal, UnionPay or AliPay.
**The settlement in Rakuten Global does not allow changing any details of credit card in a placed order.
Please place a new order for a new credit card.


* When you choose PayPal, we will charge you PayPal service fee



Delivery method


Insurance for EMS

We take EMS insurance for oversea parcels. When there is any damage or loss to your goods during EMS delivery process, please contact us and your local post office as soon as possible.

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