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Ordering & Payment

Do you ship ROYCE products abroad?

All ROYCE’ products are not shipped out of Japan directly. Because ROYCE just allows Hokkaido Omiyage Tankentai to ship ROYCE goods in Japan only.

If I buy a lot of products in your shop, can I have a discount?

The products are priced by the makers. It is difficult for us to discount the price in normal condition.

I am interested in Shiroikoibito. Can I import and sell Shiroikoibito from your shop?

All of the makers in our shop authorize to sell products to end-consumers only. We have no right to supply you the products as you are a reseller or a retail dealer. Please contact the manufacturer directly.

I want to buy KINOYOYA soufflé and Bocca pudding. Do you ship them abroad?

EMS can’t ship frozen articles or refrigerated articles out of Japan except Hong Kong, Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, or France.
Please check the details at the following page on Japan post page.

Why are ROKKATEI marusei buttersand unable to ship out of Japan in summer?

We do not ship very heat-sensitive products out of Japan without cool EMS during summer or heat weather even if your location is cool. We take them off Rakuten global from May to October. Please understand that.

Can you ship ROKKATEI strawberry chocolate Canada?

We could ship ROKKATEI strawberry abroad. However, very heat-sensitive products such as chocolate or biscuits with cream filling melt down easily in hot weather. We recommend you to think the weather of the destination before placing order. If you still want to purchase these products with low melting point in hot weather, we take no reasonability for the products melting during the delivery process. Please review the further details in our “Hot Weather Policy”.

I love Calbee Pokkuru very much. Can I buy more than 5 boxes?

Calbee Pokkuru is limited due to the potato supply in Hokkaido. Please email us to check if we could offer you more.

Might I change my credit card to pay my bill?

We are sorry that it is difficult to modify any detail of credit card in a placed order. You have to place a new order and correct your credit card in new order.

I filled a wrong expiry date in my order. May you help to correct it?

It is difficult to modify any detail of credit card in a placed order. Please place a new order with a correct card. You also change payment method as PayPal, UnionPay or AliPay.

Can I change payment method form PayPal to credit card in my order?

It is difficult for changing PayPal to credit card in a placed order. Rakuten is strict in credit card. Please place a new order and choose to pay your bill via your credit card.

I have no reply from you yet after placing my order. How about my order?

We always reply our customers within 2 days after getting their orders in normal condition. Please check your email box or junk email folder. We might reply you late as we are in a promo or in peak season. Please contact us, if there is no response until forth business day after order day.


EMS postage is too expensive, May I use other international delivery method?

EMS is the only delivery method in our shop for international shipping parcels in normal condition.

Why is the delivery fee so expensive?

The delivery fee (EMS) is calculated from the weight of your goods and a cardboard.
You could check the delivery rate at JP postage website.

Do you discount the postage?

The postage is fixed by JP post.It is difficult to discount the postage.

Why is the postage different with that weighted by Rakuten?

The actual postage is issued from JP post. Our system or Rakuten system sometimes makes a failure to calculate total weight of a parcel. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Could you ship my goods immediately?

We dispatch your purchases within 2-3 working days after getting the authorization of your credit card or your payment.

When do you ship my parcel?

We dispatch your order within 2-3 working days after getting the authorization of your credit card or your payment.

Could I get my parcel on 24th Dec.?

It is difficult to appoint delivery date or time for international shipping parcels. It may take more time for Customs clearance or the destination in a remote area.

Could you let me know how to check the status of my parcel?

After dispatching parcels, we will send you the tracking number by email. You could check its status on JP post website. While your parcel is shown as” Dispatch from outward office of exchange” in history information of JP post, you are able to check the status on the postal tracking website of the destination directly.

Why is my parcel shown “returned to sender” in history information of JP post?

What should I do now?
Your parcel may be return to Japan as below:
■ unclaimed parcel
■ wrong or unclear delivery address
■ other
We regret that it is out of our service as unclaimed or unclear address.
Please contact local postal office as soon as possible.
While your parcel with unclaimed or unclear address is back to Japan, we do not ship it without redelivery fee.

Cancellation, Refund & Damage

Can I cancel my order?

You can cancel your order before we ship your parcel. While we dispatched your order, it is difficult for us to accept your cancellation or modification. 

I got my parcel, but I don’t want to buy it. Can I return it?

We do not exchange or refund for change of mind, individual factors or incorrect products placed for a dispatched parcel.

I got a wrong product. Can you send me the correct one?

While we sent an incorrect, we will refund you the payment of the correct product.
If the products sent are incorrect, please notify us within 48 hours of delivery by email.

The product has damage. Please send me a new one.

We strive ourselves to provide the best situation for the products and however, we cannot guarantee the postal delivery service. The products might get damage during the delivery process regardless of taking insurances. We hope that you
■ check if the cardboard is prefect,
■ check the situation of your purchase and quantity with the delivery staff immediately as delivered
If any damage is caused, please directly claim for insurance to the postal carrier and the local postal officer. And email us the pictures of damage

I bought 5 ROKKATEI strawberry chocolate but I just got 3. What can I do?

We take the following 2 steps to resolve the problem.
Step 1st: to review our packing list. We are going to review the weight of your parcel and packing note to check if these 2 strawberry chocolate were lost to put into your parcel.
Step 2nd: to ask JP post to investigate delivery process.
We also beg your pardon to check
■ if there is any damage to the cardboard,
■ if the outer of the cardboard had been opened or
■ if attached the interception note.
While we forgot to put the purchases into your parcel, we will resend you the remains or refund the purchase price as soon as possible.
If it is not our packing failure, investigating the shipping process costs lot of time for JP post. Please understand that.

The delivered parcel got a hole in the cardboard, and some items are lost! What can I do now?

We are sorry for hearing that.
■ Firstly, contact the nearest post to claim the insurance.
■ Please take pictures for the broken parcel and email us.
Meanwhile, it is necessary to check if there any damage to your purchases with the delivery man as delivered. If there is any hole in outside of the cardboard, please
■ reject to sign this parcel and
■ claim the shipping insurance to the delivery man.

Some chocolate melted down as I got my parcel. Can you return the amount of melting chocolate?

Some food products, such as chocolate, candy or biscuits with cream filling melt by exposure to high temperatures of 25℃ or warmer. We have noted shipping information about hot weather in our heat-sensitive products page if you purchase these items. And you will know what is at risk to melt. We can’t guarantee heat-sensitive products in perfect shape as arrive. It is difficult for us to refund your payment or exchange melting items.

Customs & duties

Why am I charged for paying import duty?

The import duty or taxes might be occurred from the local customs’ law. While you have any question for the payment, please contact local post and the customs in destination country.

May the customs confiscate the products?

The customs officials are going to inspect personal import parcels as arrival in destination nation. They will confiscate the articles banned or restricted by customs regulations. It is difficult for us to be aware of prohibited items in your destination country.
You have to refer the local customs for more information in advance. Each purchaser has the responsibility to take care to order proper products. It is impossible for our shop to understand each country’s customs’ rules and arrange confiscated products.

The product is past the expiry date due to the customs’ inspection. Would you replace it with new one?

It is difficult to replace the expired product with new one due to the inspection by the customs. We recommend you to order the products with long shelf life (above 20 days) to avoid any delays.

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