Our Policies for International Shipping Parcels

We have strived to supply the best service for all our customers and hope that our customers can be satisfied with their orders. However please be aware that Hokkaido Omiyage Tankentai do not cancel or exchange or refund for change of mind, individual reasons or incorrect products order and delayed delivery as international shipping parcels dispatched.
We have no responsibility to refund your payment for a defective product unless the following 2 situations.
1. One of the products in your order is forgotten or incorrect to put into your parcel.
2. A claim of EMS insurance is paid or confirmed by JP post or the local post for loss, damage and delay.

In our online shop, all products are shown such as expiration period, the delivery method and storage method. Before you add goods into your cart, please check these details.

Hot weather and Customs

☆HOT weather policy

Our shop prefers to not deliver products such as chocolate or biscuit with cream during hot weather exceeding 25℃, because there is a high rick of these items melting. We recommend you to delay to purchase them until the weather cools. If you are ordering chocolate or the items easy melt down to ship to the destination country during the warmer months, please be aware that our shop can take no responsibility and no guarantee for them. We also do not accept refund request, cancellation or exchange a defective product as your parcel delivered.

☆Customs & duties

We hope that all parcels have successfully shipped to our customers. However, international delivery may be held up or delayed due to bad weather condition or clearance process. The expiration of a product may be past due to a risk of a long delivery or clearance process. We are not sure when you could receive your parcel as the delay occurred. We suggest you to not order products with short expiration. If you want to take the risk of shipping the product with shorter expiration via EMS, we will ship it to you and please be aware that our shop can take no responsibility and no guarantee the expiration of the requested product. We also do not accept refund request, cancellation or exchange the expired product. Please consider the expiration of products before placing your order.
Then we assume that the purchaser has understood customs import laws in the destination country as order placed. The receiver in dispatch note must bear any additional import duty that is charged by the customs’ office.
Hokkaido Omiyage Tankentai is not responsibility for products shipped that are held at or confiscated by customs in your destination country. We recommend you to refer the customs’ office for prohibited items in advance to avoid the risk of product being confiscated or held by customs’ office in the destination country.

Process for damage or loss in international shipping parcels.

All international shipping parcels are covered shipping insurance. The insurance is against damage and loss during shipping. Please open your parcel and check the status of all your items with the delivery men as your parcel is delivered. Once lost or damaged item in your parcel, please claim it with the delivery man and the nearest post. Please also contact us within 24 hours.

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