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Please read these terms and conditions/shopping guide thoroughly before making a purchase. We cannot be responsible for any troubles occurred with the failure to confirm the following information in full.

We will check your order for product inspection, also proceed with duty exemption. Please note that this procedure may take us up to 2 to 3 days. Your understanding is appreciated.

Sorry, we are only speak Japanese. Please contact us via e-mail

Terms and Conditions/Shopping Guide

Store Information

Address1-24-31 Shinngashi Itabashi-ku Tokyo, Japan
Shop NumberTEL:+81-3-3935-6991 FAX:+81-3-3935-6992
Store ManagerYuya Yano
Contact Informationrakuten@gsc-rinkan.com

Payment Method

  • We accept payment by Credit Card, PayPal, Alipay or Bank Transfer.
    Please note that if the payment through Settlement system(Paypal, Alipay) could not be confirmed within 7 days from the date which the payment request is sent, the order will be cancelled automatically.

    Due to the increasing number of fraudulent transactions with unauthorized use of credit card,
    we may request to change the payment method to bank transfer, especially for high-priced items and first-time users.

Bank Transfer

  • *Please make sure to set the transferred currency in Japanese Yen.
    *Please also note that all handling fees shall be solely borne by the customer, both inbound and outbound.
    (The handling fees are different depends on Bank service)

Customs Clearances and Duties

  • IMPORTANT:Please be advised that We CANNOT undervalue the declared amount or list a specific value on the invoice upon customer's request. The customs form and/or the invoice will be filled out accurately to reflect the actual value of your purchase, spaned as "Merchandise" and it is strictly enforced by law.
  • We CANNOT span the items as "Gift" or other categories than merchandise.
  • Import duties and taxes may be applied upon customs clearance in your country, and customers are responsible for such costs.
  • For details, please contact the customs office of your country.

Return/Cancellation Policy

  • ALL SALES ARE FINAL.We cannot accept any cancellations or returns of purchased items.
  • Most of our merchandise are secondhand, unless otherwise stated.
    Please check the details, sizes, materials, damages, conditions and other factors of the item before making a purchase.
  • Due to the nature of handling mostly secondhand goods, very few of our merchandises are absolutely flawless.
    There may be tiny scratches on the surface of the items which could not be counted and described as damages, especially on the leather goods.
    All deals between us and customers are made by the agreement on terms and conditions, including the above and the all information on this webpage.
  • We cannot accept returns that are due to the following reasons.
    Wrong Impression/Slight differences in size measurements and conditions.
    The description is subjective and the impression may vary from person to person.
    Sizes are measured piece by piece by hand, and so are the damages and conditions.
    Slight scratches, difference in measurements and the signs of use are unavoidable.
    Color appearance
    The color of the actual products may look slightly different from the images.
    Absence and/or difference in attachments and accessories.
    We list the attachments and accessories of the merchandise just as they arrived to us.
    The attachments and accessories of our merchandise may differ from the ones from the official store or an authorized dealer.
    Repairs, Mending, Reforms, Remakes and Differences in parts and sizes.
    The items may include different parts from the original conditions.
    The items may be repaired, mended, reformed or remade from the original conditions.
    Odor and scent.
    Due to the nature of second hand items, the items may not be completely odorless.
    Absence and/or difference in tags.
    Many of our merchandises are imported goods.
    Although all of our merchandise is genuine, the tags may differ from items to items depending on the stores and countries from where the items were purchased.
  • Please feel free to contact us in advance for any questions about our merchandise before making a purchase.
  • About returned goods correspondence is received your contact within 5 days from the commodity arrival, and it can be that the goods arrive at our shop within 10 days after the returned goods acceptance.

Condition Rating

NBrand New and never used.
N-Brand New and never used, but has flaw(s) such as missing parts and stains. Please see the description.
SBarely used and in good condition. May be with tiny, unavoidable scratches, especially on leather products.
ALightly used but in a good condition. Possibly with some slight flaws.
BThe item has been regularly used. Obvious signs of use, possibly with notable flaws.
Che item has been heavily used. Obvious signs of use with significant flaws.
DHeavily damaged and may need a repair.

Shopping Procedure

  • 1. Place an order

    Place an order from the product page by adding the item to your cart.
  • 2. Make a payment

    Once the shipping fee is confirmed, we either process your credit card or provide you with a link to settlement service invoice where you can make a payment or our bank account to transfer money for the total billed amount. The payment through PayPal is due within a week from the date we send out the invoice from our system.
    All handling fees charged upon PayPal transaction are on us.
  • 3. Shipping

    Once your payment through settlement system is confirmed or the credit card transaction is successfully authorized, we will ship out your order via EMS right away.
    Once your order is shipped out, we will inform you with the EMS tracking number.

Shipping /Delivery

  • Delivery & Shipping fees
    After an order is placed, an automatic reply in Japanese will be sent to you from Rakuten system.
    ※When ordered from an English page, the automatic reply will be sent in English, also from Japanse page the automatic reply will be sent in Japanese. Please wait for us to contact you directly.
    Once the tax exemption procedure is complete and the billed amount is finalized, we will process your credit card or send a payment request the total amount.
    Your order will be shipped after payment is confirmed.
  • Delivery Time
    The delivery time is estimated to be approximately 4 business days after shipment.
    Please note that there may be delays in delivery depending on customs clearance and other various conditions of transportation,
    and the arrival date and time cannot be designated.
  • Delivery Method
    > All international orders are shipped via EMS.
    Once your order is shipped out, an email notification with EMS tracking number will be sent to you.
    EMS Tracking - https://www.post.japanpost.jp/int/ems/delivery/index_en.html
  • Combined shipping
    We cannot combine shipping on separate orders.
    Please be advised that the shipping fee is charged for each order.
    However, we can still combine shipping for separate orders that are placed between 9:00AM to 8:59AM on the next day (Japan time).
  • Shipping Fees
    * All prices are listed in Japanese Yen.
    * The Total amount is tax-included.
    * Shipping fee is determined by your order price and your country.
    Please refer to the following table.
  • Zone First Zone Second Zone Third Zone
    Total amount(JPY) Asia Oceania, North America, Central America and the Middle East Europe South America and Africa

Prohibited and Restricted Goods

  • Items by Country
    Policies regarding prohibited and restricted goods differ in each country of destination.
    Please click on the following links for popular destination countries (USA, Canada, UK, Germany, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Korea, China, Singapore, Thailand, Australia, New Zealand).
    Nonmailable Articles in International Mail ※Please contact your local postal service handling EMS for information on other countries.

  • Though we make our best effort to limit the listing of restricted goods such as leather material goods (using Ostrich and Crocodile), lighters, knives and goods with battery, the Rakuten system still allows you to include them in your order. We may have to cancel those items from your order if found. Your understanding is appreciated.

Sales Tax

  • Sales Tax is waived during the processing of orders that are addressed outside of Japan. Automatic notifications that are sent meanwhile may include sales tax, but it will be waived afterwards upon finalization of transaction.

Privacy Policy

  • Regarding our customers’ personal information (address, name, e-mail address, etc.), we are taking the utmost care. Your personal information may be used for, and be used only for conducting our business.
  • Matters pertaining to personal information are controlled within the confines of the law and unless required by government to disclose such information, personal information shall not be disclosed to third parties without prior written consent.

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