The Latest Hair Wax "Nagomix"
Natural with only 3 ingredients.
■Chance encounter :

I went to the cosmetic manufacturing firm of Shimamura company.
It has been 155 years since this company was established.

This company makes "Sukiabura" or "Binzukeabura".
Those are hair waxes from Edo period that are used to do one's hair in a traditional Geisha or Sumo style.
It's no problem if you put it on your skin.
Because Kabuki actors smear their faces with that before putting on make up, so their make up dosen't get messed up.

I felt very surprised when the Shimamura company director introduced it to me.
It's amazing that we have the best thing in here Japan!

■I checked "Sukiabura" before and this happend :

I wanted to get this for our customers as soon as possible.
It has only 2 kinds of ingredients.
I know, all hair wax has a lot of ingredients and I don't know almost all of the ingredients names.

Previously, when I thought "Something is a really good product",
some customers came to my shop, then I gave the samples to them.
They said "I don't like the smell. It turned me off."
And they returned the samples.

"Sukiabura's" ingredients are only rape seed oil and Japanese wax.
So they can't get rid of the oxidized smell.

■So I decided to change the main ingredient :

When I told my friend about our customer's experience, he said
"It would be very good if I added some aroma oil to it."
I did the test with mixing aroma oil.
Then it changed from a bad smell to a good smell.
But, it had an oxidized smell.
And I hear it was sticky on the skin.

I called the Shimamura company director and I was asking what if I changed
the main ingredient from rape seed oil to olive oil.

■Mixed smell :

I got a proto-type model and it was no longer an oxidized smell!
I decided that I'd mix in the smell of lavender oil and I gave the proto-type model
to my customers.

A few days past and they didn't return the proto-type model.
Then I asked their opinions.

They said
"It was good for setting my hair."
And they asked
"What are the ingredients?"
"How much is it?"
And they commented
"It's a nice lavender smell."

Admittedly they changed their feelings.

■The finished product at length :

About 1 and half years later.
Because the customer that I gave the first proto-type model to said,
"I had dry flaky hands and they never improved with the kind of hand cream I used.
But they improved soon with the proto-type!"

"Japan has never had hair wax that is safe to use but we can use this safely!"

"It was good to apply this to my face and my hands and I didn't need to wash my hands after setting my hair."

I thought, Could I make a better hair wax?
I made a lot of other proto-type models.
But I couldn't make anything better than the first proto-type model.

About 1 year has past since I made the first proto-type model.
A customer asked "Did you finish the product?".

My organic shop "Kenyu-kan" started business 9 years ago.
We never dealt with the situation where the customer wanted to get products and we didn't know how to make or not make the products.


■"Nagomix"ingredients :

Only contains 3 kinds of ingredients.
Almost all people know the ingredients.

The main ingredient is olive oil produced in Spain.
This olive oil is for cosmetic use.
If you apply this to your skin, it is excellent for moisturizing the skin.

The Secondary ingredient is Japanese wax.
Japanese wax is widely used in cosmetics.
It is made in Japan and improves firmness and holds your hair in place very well.

The last ingredient is the fragrance of lavender.
This lavender is also made in Japan.
This lavender is mixed in for the purpose of deodorising the olive oil and Japanese wax.

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■How to use:
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