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Address:2-14-20 Kobuchi Minami-ku Sagamihara-shi, Kanagawa

Office hours:10AM−12AM,14PM-16PM JST (except weekends and public holidays)



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We only support our customers in both Japanese and English.
Customer-support in English is only held by mails. If you call us for customer-support in English, sorry that we can't provide you with enough support.
Therefore, please send mails if you want to contact us in English.


Consumption tax

Products that will be shipped abroad be exempt from taxes.


About item

About item

There are many items of only one item on this site. We are sharing inventory at multiple stores.
Depending on the timing, the stock number update may not be in time, the product you ordered may be out of stock.
Please be understanding of this beforehand.

About the state of goods

There are various goods from brand new unused to second hand goods.
Therefore, we describe the state of each product as photo or product information.
Please purchase on conviction of the state of goods.

About the size of goods

Since size is indicated on each goods page, please confirm.
In principle, we will not re-measure and request measurements other than the stated size,
We will correspond when an apparent size difference is seen.


Shipping Method & Charge

We ship internationally from Japan and your order to the following destinations by EMS (Express (Expedited) Mailing Service).
The delivery costs are paid by customers in all cases.
Shipping fee is flat rate per area.

∇Note1:Import Tax

Additional import duties and taxes may be charged on customs clearance into your country.
Customers must be in charge of this additional cost, therefore in this case, please pay directly to the delivery agents or the customs office at the time you receive your package.
The import tax policies are different from countries to countries, therefore, please contact the customs office of your living country for more detail.


If the package isn't picked up within 30days, it will be returned to Japan. If it gets returned to our store, we will charge you for the delivery fees incurred.
Please contact your local post office and pick up the package as soon as possible.
(Such as the consignee is away from home for a long time and address unknown to move to another place.)

Shipping Cost Table (All currencies in JPY):

Zone Flat Fee
<< Asia >>
India, Indonesia, Korea, Cambodia, Guam, Singapore, Thailand, Taiwan, China,
Bangladesh, Philippines, Bhutan, Brunei, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Macao, Malaysia, Myanmar, Laos
<< North America >>
United States of America, Canada, Mexico

※Our store has currently suspended shipment to the following countries.
 [United States of America, India, Indonesia, China, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Brunei, Laos]

※Note1:The shipping costs include postage, packaging and our handling charge.
※Note2:Postal insurance will be charged separately according to the amount of purchase.
※Note3:Items marked as "direct store delivery" cannot be shipped overseas.Your order will be cancelled.

【Nonmailable Articles in EMS(shipping service)】

  Please note that laws/provisions prohibit certain articles sent by EMS.
  ・coins, banknotes, paper money
  ・processed or unprocessed platinum, gold or silver, precious stones and other valuables


Payment Method

∇Credit Card

The handling cards are as above.
For all card companies, only one lump sum payment is possible.
In the Rakuten Ichiba card settlement, we use the system called SSL.
Please be assured that the card number will be encrypted and sent.

On this card payment system, we do not issue credit card reimbursement.
Please check the usage details sent from the card company.
※Depending on the state of use of the customer etc., it may be changed to other means of settlement.
※When ordering we may ask you for identity verification (telephone confirmation etc.).
※ You can not use credit cards with different names from customers.


About order

Cancellation,Refund,Exchange Policy

■ About cancellation before shipment
After completing your order, we will cancel the order item if it is before sending the e-mail of the shipping arrangement notification.
Please fill in the subject as below and specify the following in the text and contact us so that we can contact you

【Subject】 About cancellation of order item
【Order number】
【Customer Name】

※ If you wish to cancel some of the items you ordered, please specify the product name.

■ About returned goods due to the fault of stores such as product deficiencies
If there are incompleteness in the delivered goods or if it differs from the contents of your order, we will accept returns / exchanges.
Regardless of the shipment of goods, we pay close attention and manage it, but in the unlikely event that the delivered product falls under the following items, Sorry to trouble you but please contact us within 5 days after delivery.
We will respond promptly in good faith.

[ Corresponding condition ]
・When the product of delivery is different from the item of your order.
・About the item of delivery, when the product state etc is markedly different from the item description (dimensions etc, please forgive some errors.)
・When a brand item is judged as a fake in a company store.

Please understand that we can not accept cancellation and refund/exchange caused by customers' preference.
Could you please check item images and state(condition) rank enough before purchase, because it is used goods.
For dissatisfaction of your purchases, we are very much sorry that we cannot accept the return.
If you have received item(s) that were damaged during delivery, please claim for a damage report to your delivery consignment right away.
Your item(s) are protected by the delivery insurance. Also, please contact us within 5 days of your receipt of item(s).


There may be additional import taxes imposed on product delivery depending on the country of delivery. We request that customers are aware of this when making an order.


In the case of customer refusal of receipt or other return due to reasons such as failure to meet the collection deadline, the customer will be responsible for handling fees and postage both ways*. Additionally, further orders from the customer may be refused.

*In these circumstances, actual expenses will be applied even on orders with free shipping promotions etc.


About watch warranty

Repair warranty

This warranty is applicable to products with "guaranteed to be in working condition" stated on the page.
Defects and damages that occur in the same spot of the watch within one year of normal use after repair will be repaired free of charge.
However, the watch will not be eligible for warranty if the warranty period has lapsed or if the defect or damage is caused by any of the following.

Damage or water seepage resulting from the mishandling or misuse of the watch
Damage resulting from natural disasters such as fires, floods, earthquakes, etc.
Changes in the external appearance of the watch in the course of use (e.g. scratches, damage, or misplacement of the case, glass, strap, etc.)
If you have received maintenance on the watch from a company that is not affiliated with our shop
Repair of exterior or parts
If you have lost the repair receipt or warranty card (please keep the repair receipt and warranty card carefully for one year )

※Regarding shipping charges when you are sending your watch under warranty for repair
・Shipping within Japan: Shipping charges (both ways) will be borne by our shop.
・Shipping from overseas: Shipping charges (both ways) will be borne by the customer.

Regarding battery replacement / waterproof inspection and warranty

The replacement of batteries is not eligible for warranty.
If problems such as the watch slowing down or stopping occur within 3 months of the replacement of batteries, it may be necessary to disassemble the watch for cleaning (overhaul).
Please contact us if you would like this service.
A waterproof test can be carried out to check if the waterproof protection of your watch is intact.
As the watch is used, the waterproof protection of the watch may decline from wear and tear.
In order to preserve the waterproof protection of your watch, regular maintenance is recommended.

※charges (both ways) for battery replacement will be borne by the customer.