We Ship World Wide !

We Start shipping Rakuten orders to Overseas !

We Accept Following Payments Credit card / PayPal / Alipay / Apple Pay

*For your safety, security checks are taken on all payments made to us at the time of purchase.


We will ship orders via EMS (Japan post) or DHL Express to the country's we are able to ship overseas.

Please understand that We are unable to ship to Some country's due to COVID-19

The list of the country which is unable to ship orders due to COVID-19

All orders will be canceled from the country's which we can not ship internationally.


1. From the order page, click "International shipping" place your order and type your shipping address in English.
2. Choose shipping carrier to "International shipping"
3. After placing an order, you will receive an email from us containing all the details of your purchase.
4. You will receive an email about the total price from us , after you received the email please process to make a payment,
5. We will aim to dispatch it within 1-3 business days. We may also be in touch if we need further information to verify your payment. Once your order is approved,

Depending on your location or carrier Shipping might be delayed.
Depending on the shipping service selected, orders placed on CLASS-A are delivered every day of the week. Shipping costs will vary depending on the service we selected, as well as the origin and destination of your chosen pieces. you will receive an email from us about the Shipping cost after the order placed.

Total Cost

[ Total Cost = cost of item + Shipping cost ]

※The price from the Rakuten order conformation will be different since there is no shipping cost included

You will receive an email about the total price from us.

Please make a payment within Three days, after the three days past orders will be canceled.

Please understand Fees will be Customers responsibility.


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