Developmental studies show that a child's maturity is greatly influenced by the toys they play with. And look! There are so many toys in the world today! Yes! look! Ginga Kobo Toys collection has so much to choose from! Which is the best toy for your child? Take a look! We have separated our toys Into categories of age and developmental stages! Surely, after some thought and a bit of consideration , you will be able to find the best toy for you and your beloved little one.

Attention Due to the individuality of each child, pleaserealize the limitations of our database.

O`R Months

Eyes darting back and forth, still unable to move. A baby "sees". And so, finally, with focused eyes a first step into the world of play is taken. During these first 3 months a colourful toy which makes light echoing sounds,becomes a great inspiration to body and mind development.


@Wooden Toys (Ginga Kobo Toys)  Japan

Red-Blue Bear Rattle@Go ahead put it in your mouth little one! The blue and red noses are safe , painted with special pigments. And just listen to the soft wooden rattling echo! Sweet gentle sounds of the noses knocking back and forth. With your babies eyes flitting back and forth ,from you to the toy to you again, shake,rattle and play with together. Sing a song , a lullabye, keep time with this wooden rattle.

@Wooden Toys (Ginga Kobo Toys)  Japan

Spinning Pentagon@Look five enchanting colours! A top made of Red, Blue,Yellow,Orange & Green rounded ball points! Such a beautiful spinning pentagon! A colourful baby eye-catcher!


This is the"grab and stick in mouth"stage. All these toys are easy for little baby hands to grasp. Take a look!


@Wooden Toys (Ginga Kobo Toys)  Japan

Sunny Rattle@ Little baby hands easily hold this ring of colourful wooden balls. Fascinating colourful wooden balls captivate the little mind. All five senses are fully stimulated! Wondrous new shapes, movements and sounds tickle the curiosity. A baby's body and mind develop exponentially.

Perfectly fitted to precious little baby hands. Not too big, not too small! Just right for those sweet pudgy fingers to grab hold of! Grasping a bit of nature, peeping into the heart of a gigantic tree! Behold a wooden ring! A very simple but sophisticated form. Artistic and sculptural! Fun to touch and feel! From any angle this teething ring becomes magical. The brain and heart develop, nurture your little one with each shake, bite and gnaw. Click on Wooden Teething Ring@and listen to a beautiful song. Why not sing this song while playing with your child. Be joyous, creative, have fun! A loving smile, bubbly laughter,the inexpicable joy found in playing with your little one! Playing together creates a monumental foundation of health and happiness. Such a unique and inspiring first toy! Fun at all ages, this teething ring will survive time, transforming , adapting, fitting the needs of each moment! Treasure it for generations to come!



Bunny Car@Even a new born will find this toy a perfect size to grab! Eventually suck,bite,gnaw, throw and roll around! A great nurturing of the brain,body and soul!

6 Wheel Car (Mini) Not yet walking ? Barely crawling? Let someone else pull this rolly car around. Crawl and chase the glorious spinning wheels! The race is on!

Wooden toys are the focus of Ginga Kobo Toys. Our CD Dervish Tops are an inspiration which goes beyond wood. Nonetheless, the majority of our toys are created from organic materials. Customers love our wooden toys. Why are wooden toys so special? I have often thought about the importance of wood. I would like to share some of my thoughts with you.

1. Wood is an essential, original element in nature.
2. A tree receiving energy from the sun grows tall and strong. From ancient times the energy of the sun has been worshipped in Japan. "Otentosama"is an honorific term for the sun in Japanese. Children playing with wooden toys are showered with shimmering rays of the sun! Such a brilliant gift of nature!
R. In the process of creating a toy, a piece of wood is cut, dryed, sanded and polished. It is a long, involved path full of sensitive loving craftspeople who join together in a collaborative effort to create a single toy.
And so, as a wooden toy is passed lovingly from hand to hand, gently rattled , carefully articulated , feelings of respect and joy carry it along. Whisperings of "wooden toys are so wonderful" float about the studio.
And what about plastic toys? Reasonably priced, light and easy to transport, simple to mass manufacture.Yet, in respect to human health and environmental concerns there are some serious issues to examine. Plastic contains chemical substances which are not only detrimental to the health but also pollute the environment. Petroleum, which is the major source for plastic produciton, is definitely on limited supply.

Small children will put toys in their mouths, sometimes chew and suck on them. To chew and suck on plastic is not exactly healthy, in my opinion. Remember plastic toys will have substantial repercussions ,not only on children themselves but on the world in general.
And just as a final comment on child safe materials , I would like to reassure you that our paint, glue and other materials are all safe to put in the mouth as well as ecologically oriented.



Time to walk! Time to talk! Curiosity reigns! What's this? What's that?Pook into this and into that! A toy that keeps the hands and wrists active. Stimulates the brain. Push & pull toys are a challenge & lots of fun!


An exclusive toy from our Pull Toy Series! Look at the 12 Wheel Car (Long Type) ! So much fun for that mischievious little imp who has just taken the first steps to freedom. Absolutely mesmerizing! So many wheels rolling into different shapes , accentuated with windows of colour.

Crab@Take a look at our eco crab, powered solely by a rubber band . Scooting about on water and land this little crab is too fast to catch! Kids love chasing it around!


Time to mimick & copy! Busy little bee taking mental notes of everything and everyone. Little baby movements are more and more sophisticated and diversified. Curiosity peaks, everything is fun and challenging! Your child is growing up!


Hanoi Tower@Still a bit too difficult,it is a puzzle of mathematical tricks! Little children have fun playing with the colourful wooden rings wood. The natural touch of wood and gentle sound of the rings as they pile on top of one another is pleasing. On another level, try to solve the puzzle mathematically! Adults join in! This Hanoi puzzle is fun for all ages.

Swirling Dervish Tops Look at the tops spinning! Such a universal toy, such a universal design! Magnificent colours and so easy to spin! Even if at first the tops are too difficult to spin by the children themselves, just watching the beautiful colours is mesmerizing. Children who see these beautiful colourful spinning tops at an early age are greatly enriched artistically. Later in life these children will reap in the benefits of an incredibly sophisticated understanding of beauty.

What is a good toy? Let's think about it. If you think a good toy is one which occupies your child while you are busy, I disagree.

Here at Ginga Kobo Toys we believe that toys are for children and adults to play with together, to be creative together. A toy symbolizes the communication that grows between loved ones, loved ones who laugh and have fun together.

Most of us will try to appease an upset child by diverting their attention to a lovely toy. The diversion from a feeling of dissatisfaction to one of instant pleasure is a difficult maneuver and unless it is followed up by sincere and loving moments it can be a treachrous way to please your child. A child might easily feel this toy bribery as a way to be fooled into "play". Take care! A child must not be fooled or appeased. Playtime is a cherished time for both you and your child! It is a time to nourish and develop that very special relationship.The path to maturity is a golden one which enables both children and their loved ones to share many emotions, to share many understandings. Respect this loving and sincere adventure into the world of toys! Reverence for the world of play is up to you! Have fun with your child, play together! Build up the relationship, let the toy be your mediator. Make playtime a simple and honest daily activity, one which bestows lots of laughter and joy.

Even on your busiest day be sure to take out a little time to play with your child! Just a few moments of fun together will bless your child with immense love and joy!

We have many toys which are fun for both children and adults. Let's all have fun! Let's play together!

Children love watching adults having fun. And what a great inspiration it is when children see adults playing with the same toys, encountering the same challenges!


Q~3 Years

The transition from baby to toddler is now complete.
Stacking and balancing puzzle pieces, deciphering shapes and sizes is fun and possible at this stage.
A world of fantasy is accentuated with moments of reality. The toddler continually shifts realities. Creativity soars, puzzles which inspire the imagination are most valuable at this time.


If you have a cat at home this kitty puzzle will be extra fun! Our kitty puzzle Wild Randon Cats is definitely for you!
Balancing and stacking kitties on one another is basic fun, but look carefully, each and every one of the kitties has a special character. Nine kitties all in all! Give them names and let them play with you and your child, a creative world of fantasy is waiting for you! Free your imagination! Be creative! Join your child in fantasies of kitty tales, or perhaps kitty tails?

Whooppie! A children's favorite Dumbo filled puzzle! Our Elephant Circus puzzle is full of darling little elephants who can't remember where or how they are supposed to fit together. Please help them! In the wild they are always in herds, gentle gregarious wanderers! Each one is special,they all have different characteristics! Line them up, give them names, stack them on top of one another! Swing trunks and tails around! Let the circus begin!

Our pride and joy of a toy! Behold our Animal Labyrinth (Circle Type) puzzle!
This precious tactile-oriented puzzle was awarded the Japanese "Good Toy Award.
A world of delicately designed animals create a magical maze which is wonderful to touch.Designed particularly for the visually impaired, this enchanting labyrinth entices all the senses.
Try playing blindfolded, feel the gentle delineations of this animal menagerie ! A young child with eyes wide open will nimbly work animal pieces in and around this animal maze. An exquisite puzzle for testing motor movements and visual sensibilities.

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Ginga Kobo Toys Statement
So much is involved in the creation of a toy. From beginning to end lots of energy and inspiration goes into each stage of production. The wood, paint, craftsmanship, and design are of primary importance. Every point is carefully monitored. Daily problems are overcome, toys take precedence. Each and everyday creating toys is our mission. Our dream is to create toys which will support a mountain of laughter and joy.

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