We are pleased to delivery our goods to overseas

   Here are some business information
   and guidance for overseas customers.

  * Business hours 10:00-17:00 weekdays.

     Internet shop 24 hour open.
     We can delivery only those items shown on our site.

     Except those items with Japanese words → 売り切れました。
     that means out of stock (Stock constantly fluctuates)

  * Order can be made through only the Rakuten.

     The Currency only Japanese yen (JPN). and Japanese words below.

      ・ 定価...円 → Direct management store fixed price of Japan.
      ・ 販売価格...円 or 価格...円 → Our selling price yen.
      ・ (税込...円) → Bracket inside Including tax price.
        Please note that the consumption tax amount shown is charged
        as a handling fee for international shipping.
      ・ We can't do the change of a original invoice price.

  * Shipping cost are below 1+2+3.

      1、Product charges.
      2、Consumption tax (export charge)
      3、EMS postage.

  * Payment Method.

     We accept payments by Paypal or directly remittance to our bank.
     and we able to use the credit cards issued of the only Japan below.

     Not able to use The foreign country distribution credit cards.

   ・Paypal (settlement method of the overseas visitor)

     Please give a notice of following payment promptly to paypal.
      1、Our shop name → A・ticobene
      2、E-mail address → a-ti@a-ti.co.jp
      3、Total amount JPN ¥

     Remittance operation start of after the your notice.
     It is not paid only with a bill of our store.
     (We pay the remittance fee of paypal)

     The Paypal spreads widely in a country of world 190.

      If a person having a credit card
      They can establish an account of Paypal immediately,
      Based on the request of the person who did shopping,
      Paypal acts for payment.
      Please contact of your countries Paypal or www.paypal.com/
                              (Directly in USA)

   ・Directly remittance tip:

     Benefiter : T.I TRADING Co,Ltd
     Address : 1-2-4-3F Hounan Suginami-ku Tokyo 168-0062 JAPAN
           Savings account No-6879430 (SWIFT:SMBCJPJT)
     (The remittance receipt and other bank of charge. by buyer)

   ・Payment term
     Please pay within 4 business days (3:00 p.m.) from an orders day.
     When there are circumstances, please contact it early.
     This order is canceled after the expiry.

  * Goods in your order can be mostly delivered to you in 3 to 5days from
     our dispatching date by EMS. except some countries and areas.
     EMS (Express Mail Service) with insurance and a chase function.

    These examples of EMS freight charges (JPN \) to the parts of some countries.

              0.5kg  1.0kg  1.5kg  2.0kg  3.0kg

     ・First zone   1,100  1,800  2,400  3,000  4,000

     ・Second zone   1,500  2,400  3,200  4,000  5,400
      (Oceania、North America、Central America and the Middle East)

     ・Second 2 zone  1,800  2,800  3,700  4,600  6,200
      (Europe) overseas territory and foreign countries are exclude.

  * Shipment

     After receipt of money confirmation, we send it in a few days.
     And we inform EMS cargo number by E-mail.

     When a duty and import tax are necessary in your country, please pay there.
     For details, please contact the customs office of your country.

     We can not accept any cancellation after an order paid out.


  * Shop Information

     ・TI Trading Co,Ltd
       1-2-4-3F Honan Suginami-ku Tokyo 168-0062 JAPAN

       Contact and Inquiry : T.Iijima
       Tel : 81 3 5355 1610 (10:00-17:00 weekdays)
       Mail Address : a-ti@a-ti.co.jp