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The more natural,more beautiful

Natural Healthy Standard has a concept of `Health is better than wealth.`
We think about the health of our heart and body at first,and provide you a lifestyle that is always fresh and new.

Realization of a healthy and happy society

Through providing a products and services, Natural healthy standard snuggle up in our lives that is close to us and gently.

Be the brand to be loved

It's not washed away in the era,
the development and provision of the product sharply read needs,
while building relationship that is born one after another trust and relief,sometimes gives you a surprise!!

What's the green smoothie?

Green smoothie is a drink mixed water,green leafy vegetables and fruits.
You can ingest nutrients such as enzymes and vitamins easily and effectively.
To take in green is short to modern people in their eating habits deliciously,
American lowfood practitioner proposed it.
That is the beginning of green smoothie.

It gas gained strong support from women.

Health and Beauty, diet,etc,
Against the growing health consciousness in recent years and worries that busy modern people forced,
it can ingested vegetables and fruits in easily and low-cost.
And it has an image of fashionable and healthy.
It also has especially attracted attention in the girls at the forefront of fashion.

Nutritious food developed by repeated research

Green smoothie of Natural Healthy Standard was developed by repeated research.
It is compounded minerals with two hundred type of vegetables and fruits,vitamins.
Mineral as well as vitamin is an essential nutrient necessary for our body.
It is also a useful nutrient for supporting improvement of constitution.

Mineral enzyme can be expected to diet

Our mineral of Natural Healthy Standard use a material to easy to digest.
It is said that an enzyme can be expected such as diet because there is a role to help our energy production.

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