International shipping(国際配送)

International shipping(国際配送)
We are delivering to over 120 countries overseas.
DHL Depending on the ordering content it will be shipped by any of the above. It is not possible for customers to choose a delivery method.

Depending on the order content, there are items for which import is prohibited or items that can not be shipped. In that case, we can not accept your order, so we will cancel it.Please acknowledge it beforehand.

There is a case that custom duty is applied separately. In that case, it will be borne by the customer.
Since regulations vary depending on the country, please contact the customs directly for details.



About shipping cost(送料)

Regarding shipping fee, it is uniform in the product category regardless of the delivery country.

  • Jewelry・watch is uniform 2,000 JPY.
  • Other than jewelry・watch, it is uniform 5,000 JPY.

When ordering multiple items with different shipping charges, it is 7,000 JPY.
After order confirmation, I think that I accepted, I will proceed with the procedure.

【ジュエリー・時計】 一律2,000円
【ジュエリー・時計以外】 一律5,000円



About delivery compensation.(配送補償)

【EMS】 add according to the amount from over 20,000 JPY.
【International parcel】 Up to 20,000 JPY 400 JPY Additional charge according to the amount.
【EMS】 2万円以上から金額に応じて加算。
【国際小包】 2万円まで400円。それ以上は金額に応じて加算。

About fee.(手数料について)

If the order price exceeds 200,000 yen, you will receive 2,800 yen as a separate customs handling fee.

From order to delivery.(ご注文から配送までの流れ)

【1】「Order details confirmation mail」 will be delivered automatically after customer's order.
The rates listed here are for domestic use only.
【2】 We will send you an e-mail containing formal fee information directly from this shop.
Please check the rates.
  • Jewelry・watch is uniform 2,000 JPY.
  • Other than jewelry・watch, it is uniform 5,000 JPY.
※ When ordering multiple items with different shipping charges, it is 7,000 JPY.
We will not charge you even if the order exceeds the weight. Even if it does not satisfy, the difference can not be refunded. For uniformity, you can purchase multiple items at great price.
【3】 We consider that you accepted the above shipping fee, we will ship the item after payment is confirmed.
In the case of credit card payment, there is a judgment.
※ You can not use if the card name is different from the orderer.
There are cases where I will judge that it is not available at this shop, but I can not say the reason.
【4】 Please wait a little longer for the arrival.
The delivery period will be approximately 3 to 5 business days from payment confirmation.

ご注文から配送までの流れ(From order to delivery.)

【1】 お客様の注文後、「注文内容ご確認メール」が自動的に配信されます。
【2】 当ショップから直接、正式な料金情報を記載したメールをお送りいたします。
  • ジュエリー・時計は一律2,000円
  • ジュエリー・時計以外は一律5,000円
※ ただし、送料が異なる複数の商品をご注文の場合は7,000円となります。
【3】 入金確認後、商品を発送
※ カード名義が注文者様と異なる場合は、ご利用できません。
【4】 商品到着までしばらくお待ちください。


You can enjoy Tax Free shopping with us if you live outside Japan.
Please to contact us in advance always.
For inquiries please click here.【Inquiry by e-mail】

Conditions for receiving tax exemption(免税を受けるための条件)

  • Presentation of passport is required.
  • Non-resident (short-term stay).
  • It is within 6 months from entry date. ※ The sign of landing permission is not "re-entry".
  • General goods (except consumables) total tax of 5,000 yen or more. (Payment amount after discount)
  • Consumables are less than 5,000 yen to 500,000 yen less than the total tax.
  • What to consume in Japan, shipping fee and work fee are not subject to tax exemption.
  • パスポートの提示が必要です。
  • 非居住者(短期滞在)が対象です。
  • 入国日から6ヶ月以内である。※上陸許可の証印が「再入国」でないもの。
  • 一般物品(消耗品以外)は合計税抜5,000円以上。(割引後の支払額)
  • 消耗品は合計税抜5,000円~50万円以下である。
  • 日本国内で消費するもの、送料・作業手数料は免税対象外。

Important notice(注意事項)

  • Please do not open the expendable item outside of the country within 30 days without opening the bag.
  • Please bring general goods at the time of returning home.
  • Please submit the record sheet to the customs duty when leaving Japan.
  • In the case of not carrying a cell phone etc., the consumption tax will be levied at the time of returning home.
  • Fluids exceeding 100 ml (g) such as alcohol and cosmetics can not be brought into the aircraft.
  • If you can deposit it in a suitcase etc., please inform the airline that you wish to deposit the goods purchased with duty-free items.
  • 消耗品は袋を開封せずに、30日以内に国外へ持ち出してください。
  • 一般物品は帰国時に持ち出してください。
  • 記録票を出国時に関税に提出してください。
  • 携帯をしていない等の場合は、帰国時に消費税が課税されます。
  • お酒や化粧品など、100ml(g)を超える液体は、航空機内に持込ができません。
  • スーツケースなどに入れて機内にお預ける場合は、航空会社に免税品で購入した商品を預けたい旨をお申し出ください。

Tax exemption procedure guide sheet(免税手続きガイドシート)

About GST in Australia(オーストラリアのGSTについて)

About GST in Australia(オーストラリアのGSTについて)

About GST (Goods and Services Tax) in Australia

From 1 July 2018, GST will generally apply to sales of low value imported goods into Australia.
Here is official announcement from Australian Taxation Office(Australian Government).

Based on GST enforcement, for applicable order based on customs value, each shop (seller) will charge you 10 % of the GST-exclusive price of the goods sold (including costs such as shipping and insurance)

These are definitions of terms

1. Customs value
  • The amount after coupon is applied.
  • The amount before points are applied.
  • Exclude the amount of shipping fee.
2. GST-exclusive price
  • The amount after coupon is applied.
  • The amount before points are applied.
  • Include the amount of shipping fee.





  • 送料を含む金額
  • クーポンを利用している場合クーポン割引き後の金額
  • 一部ポイント支払いをしている場合、ポイント利用分を差し引く前の金額