We run 4 stores in Kawagoe named “MIDORIYA” and “PHASE”.
The head store MIDORIYA was established in 1973. Our activities are not only retail, but also wholesale, pawn and finance.
There are a lot of top-brand wristwatches, bags, jewelry, and the other high-quality articles.
Of course we never treat imitations. All the articles treated here are authentic ones.
We carry out an inspection of each product one by one, and check whether they are original or imitation. Also, MIDORIYA is a member of ATF (Anti Trading Fakes),
so we are making efforts to the extinction of imitations nationwide.

Why don't you buy watches and jewelry by Duty-Free?
Foreign visitors to Japan are eligible for 10% discount at our real shops.
Please visit us with your passport.
We're sure that you'll find the one that you really want!

Our town Kawagoe is only 30 minutes from central Tokyo.
A town of history retaining the culture and aroma of Edo, Koedo Kawagoe.
There are a lot of historic building, temples and museum.
Why don't you visit us while touring Kawagoe?

At all of our real shops Midoriya and PHASE.
We are sorry, you can't get "Duty-Free" at our "Web shop".
ミドリヤ本店 MIDORIYA Head Store
Add: 15-8,Wakita,Kawagoe-shi,Saitama,350-1122, Japan
Tel: +81-49-224-2200
URL: www.phase78.jp

PHASE ミドリヤ2号店 PHASE MIDORIYA 2nd Store
Add: 14-26,Wakita,Kawagoe-shi,Saitama,350-1122, Japan
Tel: +81-49-228-3366
URL: www.phase78.jp

ミドリヤ川越新富町店 MIDORIYA Shintomicho Store
Add: 2-15-10,Shintomi,Kawagoe-shi,Saitama,350-0043, Japan
Tel: +81-49-229-2700

ミドリヤ銀座店 MIDORIYA Ginza Store
Add: 3F Nanpu Bldg 3-5-5, Ginza Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Tel: +81(0)3-6264-4880
URL: www.phase78.jp

Bring your passport with you to our real shops.
You will need to present it to the store assistant serving you when making your purchase for documentation.

・Foreigners, visitors from abroad.
・Diplomats or who work at consulates.
・Who work at foreign government or international organizations.
・Who belong to the U.S. armed forces or United Nations Forces, and their family.

・On the purchase of more than 5,001 yen in total, you can get "Duty-Free"
・You can't get "Duty-Free" at our "web shop", sorry.
・Credit cards are not accepted, sorry.
・Who work in Japan, or who have been in Japan more than 6 months can't get "Duty-Free".