English of our representation is using the automatic translation all.

Therefore, there is a certain case including the translation miss differences and nuances.
Please ask a question in advance If there are points of interest. The return of goods for reasons such as the above because I can not accept it, approve it beforehand.

■For delivery method■(配送について)

Currently, possible delivery country will be the United States, Canada, Europe,South Korea,Taiwan, Hong Kong only.

Delivery of goods that have been purchased at our shop will be shipped via "EMS" all.
Delivery status confirmation of the product that has been purchased, on the check,
please check the shipping status from[EMS Tracking
the No. Invoice Contact listed in the shipping completion mail sent from us.

ご購入された商品の配送状況確認は、当社から送信された発送完了メールに記載されているお問い合せ送り状No.をご確認の上、 [EMS追跡サービス]より配送状況をご確認ください。

We will ship in 3 business days from the date of order.(ご注文日より3営業日程度で発送致します。)

●For shipping and handling (送料・手数料について)

Shipping will vary depending on the destination. Please refer to the following price list for more information.

Currency Unit: JPN

Zone First Zone Second Zone Third Zone
Weight Asia Oceania, North America, Central America and the Middle East Europe South America and Africa
Up to 500g \1,400 \2,000 \2,200 \2,400
Up to 600g \1,540 \2,180 \2,400 \2,740
Up to 700g \1,680 \2,360 \2,600 \3,080
Up to 800g \1,820 \2,540 \2,800 \3,420
Up to 900g \1,960 \2,720 \3,000 \3,760
Up to 1.0kg \2,100 \2,900 \3,200 \4,100
Up to 1.25kg \2,400 \3,300 \3,650 \4,900
Up to 1.5kg \2,700 \3,700 \4,100 \5,700
Up to 1.75kg \3,000 \4,100 \4,550 \6,500
Up to 2.0kg \3,300 \4,500 \5,000 \7,300
Up to 2.5kg \3,800 \5,200 \5,800 \8,800
Up to 3.0kg \4,300 \5,900 \6,600 \10,300
Up to 3.5kg \4,800 \6,600 \7,400 \11,800
Up to 4.0kg \5,300 \7,300 \8,200 \13,300
Up to 4.5kg \5,800 \8,000 \9,000 \14,800
Up to 5.0kg \6,300 \8,700 \9,800 \16,300

* Please check the link provided below for more.

●Customs Clearances and Duties (通関手続き、及び関税について)

Import duties and taxes may be applied upon customs clearance into your country.
Please pay such costs directly to the delivery agents or the customs office upon delivery.
For details, please contact the customs office of your country.


●Shipping /Delivery (配送について)

About delivery & shipping fees
1)Right after your order, an automatic reply will be sent to you.
Please note that the shipping fees mentioned in this e-mail are for orders to be delivered to an address within Japan and not applicable for delivery outside of Japan.
※When ordered from an english page, the automatic reply will be sent in English, with the shipping fees applicable for delivery to an address within Japan.
Please wait for the shop to contact you with international shipping fees to be delivered to your address.
2)Soon you will receive an e-mail with the correct shipping fees and total price from our shop. Please check the total amount due.
3)Your ordered items will be shipped out only after your payment is received.


●Delivery Time (配送日数)

The delivery time is estimated to be approximately 3 business days after shipment.
Please understand there will be delays depending upon customs clearance and other various conditions of transportation.


●Shipping Fees (送料)

※All price are listed in Japanese Yen
The table above is a carriage guide table of destination by the weight in the EMS.


●Prohibited and Restricted Goods (輸入規制品、禁制品につきまして)

Items by Country
Policies regarding prohibited and restricted goods differ from each country of destination.
Please click on the following links for popular destination countries (USA, Canada, UK, Germany, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Korea, China, Singapore, Thailand, Australia, New Zealand). [Shopping Guide
※Please contact EMS for information on other countries


●About packing (梱包について)

Packing of our products will pack + + vinyl and cushioning material (bubble wrap) + paper bag basically.
The clothing is omitted cushioning material, it becomes the product box + + + cushioning material paper bag If the box comes with, such as shoes.
Please understand that it does not hear the gift wrapping and packing in a cardboard box separately.


■Payment Method■(決済方法について)

It is possible to make use of the settlement the following methods in our store.(当店では以下の決済方法をを利用することができます。)
・Credit card (クレジットカード)

●Type of credit card to be able to use(ご利用頂けるクレジットカードの種類)

Available credit card, five types of VISA · MASTER · JCB · AMEX · Diners.
Card company of all and you can make lump-sum payment.

※ Depending on your state and the like use of your credit card, you might get changed to other means of settlement.
※ There is a case to ask for identification of customers (telephone confirmation, etc.) In the case of an order.
※ You can not use the credit card of a visitor and the different name.


■About the size■(サイズについて)

●For clothing (衣類などについて)

We purchase from all over Europe and the United States and the goods which have handling in our store. In the case of clothing, production age and country of origin, manufacturer of the product There is not a little thing such as by or brand, there is a difference between the actual size to be the same notation notation size though. Quotient for the Not only declared size of goods, please refer also reference equivalent size and full scale measurement together. Also concerning measurement of size, adopted in our own Please reference the product [Size Guide] and I adopted a dimension method.
当店で取り扱いしている商品はアメリカやヨーロッパなど各地から仕入れています。衣類の場合、その商品の生産国や生産年代、メーカー やブランドなどにより、たとえ表記サイズが同表記であっても実寸サイズに差が生じていることが少なからずあります。そのため商 品の表記サイズだけでなく、あわせて実寸計測や参考相当サイズもご参考ください。またサイズの計測につきましては、当店独自の採 寸方法を採用していますので商品の[サイズガイド]をご参考下さい。

※ It is flat on flatbed all, products, we have to measure the external dimension.
※ 商品は、全て平台に平置きし、外寸を測定しております。
※ There is the case that an error of 1 ~ 2cm would produce depending on a product.
※ 商品によっては1〜2cmの誤差が生じてしまう場合がございます。
※ Reference equivalent size becomes approximately, I stated in a roughly even if there is a bias in such as length and width.

●For shoes (靴について)
We purchase from all over Europe and the United States and the goods which have handling in our store.
With regard to the size of the shoes, the unit standards and vary from country to country.
In addition, approve it beforehand because there always is individual difference in a feeling of size and shape of the foot.
Thing with the size chart of the official site and the thing with the CM size notation are with respect to it. I also have been quoted in CM usually converted Only in the case of UK and US-inch inch.
To perform full scale measurement insole exact size, such as the exact size outsole If there is no size notation, I indicate, but approve it beforehand because an error occurs because to some extent by the shape of the shoes.


●For measurement of size (サイズの計測について)

Place to measure for each product, we have shown in [Size Guide] in an easy-to-understand names in our store.

・Clothing, we have to measure the external dimension of the flat flatbed all.
・Some errors are caused by the product by all means.
・Having a different length of hem and asymmetric design will "total length" the length of the longest.
・I will measure each thing the length of the total length is different in the body behind the front body.