1 About Shipping & Fee

Payment method
Delivery company & shipping fee
1 About Order & Cancel of Order

Bussines hours
Can I cancel the order?
Can I get the product gift-wrapped?
Do you have belt adjustment service?
To customers order high-priced products or multiple products
1 About Return & Exchange the Product

Customer requests for returns or exchanges
1 About Warranty & Repair

Warranty period
Not covered by warranty
About water resistant
1 Q & A

Q. The watch runs consistently too fast or too slow.
Q. The watch dial and second-hand are out of position.
Q. My watch face is foggy...
Q. How to adjust a mesh watch band
Q. The second-hand doesn't work?!
Q. Chronograph second-hand doesn't point zero position.
Q. The Watch Date changes to the nect date at 12 noon instead of 12 midnight.
Q. My watch has stopped.
Q. How can I care for my watch's band?
Q. If you didn't receive email by our shop
Credit card
We accept credit cards. The following credit cards can be used:
- Visa
- MasterCard
- American Express
- others

【NOTE】Please note that the credit card holder's name must be the same as the order's name. If the card holder is another person, we will be cancel.


Alipay Payment Process Flow: PC
Alipay Payment Process Flow: Mobile/Smartphone
Shipping fee

Postage of EMS is as follows. (JPY)
Asia Oceania, North America, Central America and the Middle East Europe South America
-500g ¥1,400 ¥2,000 ¥2,200 ¥2,400
501-600g ¥1,540 ¥2,180 ¥2,400 ¥2,740
601-700g ¥1,680 ¥2,360 ¥2,600 ¥3,080
701-800g ¥1,820 ¥2,540 ¥2,800 ¥3,420
801-900g ¥1,960 ¥2,720 ¥3,000 ¥3,760
901-1000g ¥2,100 ¥2,900 ¥3,200 ¥4,100
1001-1250g ¥2,400 ¥3,300 ¥3,650 ¥4,900
1251-1500g ¥2,700 ¥3,700 ¥4,100 ¥5,700
1501-1750g ¥3,000 ¥4,100 ¥4,550 ¥6,500
1751-2000g ¥3,300 ¥4,500 ¥5,000 ¥7,300
2000-2500g ¥3,800 ¥5,200 ¥5,800 ¥8,800

Delivery company

Your order will be shipped to you via Japan Post EMS.
Japan Post is a speedy delivery service that delivers to more than 120 countries.
With an effective tracking system and insurance program,
EMS is able to offer a secure delivery worldwide.

We accept your order 24HOURS from the internet.

Support time: Weekdays 12:00-17:00 (Saturday&Sunday: Regular holidays)
If you cancel the order, please tell us the day before the expected date of delivery.

(e-mail address:
We prepare the wrapping service 70(JPY)!
Please order from the wrapping's order page with items which you like.

Jump to Wrapping Order Page
We prepare belt adjustment kits.

up to 34mm belt(pin type only) OR up to 23mm belt(pin type only)

Some products have a attachment for belt adjustment.
Please check the product's page.
Sometimes, we will send a confirmation e-mail for you when ordering high-priced products or multiple products.
In addition, It takes time longer than usual if you pay by credit card because we need to confirm credit card property.
※ We cannot send you multiple depending on products. Thank you for your kind understanding.
We do not accept refund, exchange and cancellation in customer requests for
international shipping services.
Please check item’s colors, design and so on before ordering.

EX) Please note that our return or exchange policy is not applied for reasons such as
"The product looks different from the photos".
1. The warranty at our shop is cover for spontaneous trouble of movement inside of the watch.
2. The effect of a guarantee is only in Japan.
3. Please note that International shipping service is not covered by the seven years guarantee by writing a review.
4. We cannot make an international guarantee card. Thank you for your kind understanding.
The warranty does NOT cover the following items:

1. Battery replacement
2. Water damage
3. Damaged appearance parts: watch glass, case, belt, or crown.
4. In case of accident, disaster etc.
5. To lose the warranty card(Our shop warranty card and manufacture warranty card)
6. Accident or problem by customer
7. To lose the crown, or other parts of watch
8. Getting rust, become discolored, or degradation of watch and watch belt
Even if your watch is water resistant, you should avoid letting the watch make contact with water.
Avoid placing the watch directly under running water. Water pressure,
such as that from a faucet, can cause water to penetrate the watch.
Do not enter a bath, sauna, or hot spring while wearing the watch.

→ See more information of water resistant
A. Sometimes a watch's second-hand is not placed on graduations of the dial perfectly,
depending on the product, but it is important for the dial to operate smoothly,
so it is not considered unusual. The manufacturer does not consider this condition a defect;
therefore, there will be no returns, repairs, or exchanges due to this condition.
A. Fog in a watch might appear when the temperature suddenly drops or rise extreme because of the temperature difference between inside of a watch and air.
It is no problem because it is just temporary foggy.
CLICK HERE: How to adjust slide belt
A Isn't it a center chronograph watch?
(A chronograph is a specific type of watch that is used as a stopwatch combined with a display watch.)
Second-hand chronograph does not move usually.
A basic chronograph has an independent sweep second hand; it can be started, stopped, and returned to zero by successive pressure on the stem.
You push the upper right button, the you can move the chronograph.
(Sometimes other button can move chronograph second-hand. Please try it with your watch.)
If you can not understand your watch's operation, please contact us.

↓Click to Zoom the pic
A.  You can change it "zeroing the chronograph minute hand."
It is written in the manual, please check it and try it.
Please don't hesitate to ask if there are any points you feel are unclear.
A. When your watch switches at noon instead of at midnight,
that means that your watch cycle is set 12 hours too fast.
(Or 12 Hours too slow, depending on how you look at it).
All you have to do is to turn the hour hand of your Watch, 12 Hours more.
(Which is 12 hours ahead.)
A. The battery that is included with the watch is called a monitor battery.
The monitor battery is supplied by the factory to check the functions
and performance of the watch.
The monitor battery will become exhausted soon after receiving the watch.

Watch price doesn't include battery price.

Belt Links and Buckle
Dust and sweat accumulate easily in the belt links and buckle, and this is likely to cause rust.
Clean these areas often to prolong the life of the parts.

When setting the time, do not pull the crown too strongly.
The crown is a delicate part and should be treated accordingly.

A. You get a confirmation mail from us after ordered. Perhaps it fail for the following reasons:

  1. The e-mail address is incorrect.

  2. Perhaps the e-mail is banished by rejecting mail reception system when you can't get a e-mail. Please check your "junk folder" or "trash folder" again.

Please confirm one time now.

Please contact us if you cannot receive e-mail from us.

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