I introduce myself.

This is a style of work.
Although it is rough appearance,
when an apron is covered, it is the full dress
of a liquor store.

   I am the second generation of a liquor store.
The Kaneko store which the father made.
It was an old convenience store.
belonged to a certain liquor group,
and specialized service.
I also changed the store name.
It is a photograph when parents are young.
   This is the game of the sumo at the time of
elementary school five years.
It was strong and I was chosen also as the
representation player.
I like ancient times to a sport combative,
and am doing karate now.
   The karate whether I will become an Olympics
item although it is also in karate variously
is scramble of the point which is game karate.
Since it is the martial art karate
which I am doing, a theme is different.
   A wife is eight year older.
She was in the United States or Europe for
about six years at the time of his twenties.
since --
she understands English more than an average
   A wife says that the U.S. era was the most
pleasant. To be sure,
it seems to be pleasant.

   This is a photograph of the newlywed age
with her. Probably this is I husband and
wife's best photograph.
   We have two daughters.
This is a shot of Katsurahama in Kochi. Katsurahama is a hometown of
revolutionist" Ryoma Sakamoto "famous for Japan.
I am teaching children karate.
Although it is difficult,
there is fulfillment different from work again.
   I participate also in the game once every year.
it is martial art karate -- it is seeing --
I come out,
and even if it becomes advanced age, I can do.
This photograph is a situation of the game
in 2014 or 2015.
   Of course, I am doing my best also in work.
Although my store is small,
I would like to introduce
Japanese liquor culture and delicious liquor
to the world.

I am sorry,
it was self-introduction although it was a talk
which is unrelated to work.
Thank you for reading.