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★About an overseas mail order
マキシマムはゴシック&パンクぶらんどのMA MAXICIMAM
大きいサイズのロリータブランドLovely MAXICIMAM

Everyone overses,

It is a MAXICIMAM(maximum) of fashon brand of Gothic,Lolita,and Pank in Halajuku(Tokyo)
where developing MAM ,MA,Lovely etc.
MA MAXICIMAM is a Gothic and Pank brand.
MAM MAXICIMAM is a Lolita brand.
Lovely MAXICIMAM is a Lolita brand of large size.


MAXICIMAM accept orders from overseas through Rakuten International Shipping Services.


We also send overseas .
But we are not used to English ,it takese time to exchange E-mai

海外通販についての法律は 法の争いの原理の如何に関わらず、日本の国内法が適用されます。
The law of an overseas mail order applies Japanese Law without regard to principles of conflict of Laws.

The lawsuit arises between customer and MAXICIMAM, The Tokyo Regional Court (the Tokyo) Chihou Saibansho )shall become the first andf sole arbitrator.

In the case of Japanese and English, maximum agreement applies
and gives priority to the Japanese notation.

When the order was gotten you agreed in the above-mentioned.

cm 25.4cm 50.8cm 76.2cm 101.6cm 127.0cm 152.4cm 177.8cm 203.2cm 228.6cm 254.0cm 279.4cm 304.8cm
inch 1inch 2inch 3inch 4inch 5inch 6inch 7inch 8inch 9inch 10inch 11inch 12inch

(English follows)

Rakuten International Shipping Services (Please write down your address in English)


In the case of oversea mail order, delivery can not be the address of the
addressee and the sender must be the same.


In the case of oversea mail order, we only correspond to Pay Pal or paid
directly to our bank account


There is the case the stocked gooods are run out.


Return and Cancellation Policy
There is a policy of a no refund, no exchange and cancellation for international shipping services. Please check your items, their size and colors if they are OK before purchasing.


Return and Cancellation Policy
There is a policy of a no refund, no exchange and cancellation for international shipping services. Please check your items, their size and colors if they are OK before purchasing.

送料につきましては、ご注文いただきました後、当店にて包装も含めた重量を測りまして、別途メールにて ご案内致します。


Please select this option to use Rakuten International Shipping Service. Shipping fee will be advised from this shop later for your order confirmation by mail.

The following shipping fee will be applied for this delivery option. For Details click here

Customs duty and other taxes may be levied additionally when the shipment reaches your country. If applicable, please pay those costs directly to the delivery agents or the customs office. Policies on those taxes vary in each country. Please contact the customs office at your country for more details
※送料無料は楽天国際配送には適用されません。 ※ご発注前に国際配送料金をご確認下さい。

※Free shipping dose not applicable to Rakuten internationall Shipping Services.
※Please confirm the international shipping fee before placing orders.


1)お客様の注文後、「注文内容ご確認メール」が自動的に配信されます。 こちらに記載されている料金は、国内用となります。



配送期間は、出荷からおよそ10営業日ですが、 通関事情により送れる場合もございますので、予めご了承ください。


Flow from order to delivery

1) After placing an order, an automatic reply in English or Japanese will be sent to you. Please note that the shipping fees mentioned in this e-mail are only applied to delivery in Japan, and not applicable for delivery outside of Japan.
※Free shipping dose not applicable to Rakuten internationall Shipping Services.

2) When the order is received,we will inform you the shipping charge by E-mail. After your confirmation ,We will send your order to your address..Please write down your name and adress in English. when you order.

3) Your ordered items will be shipped out only after your payment is settled.

The arrival time is estimated to be approximately 10 business days after shipment.
Please understand there will be delays depending upon customs clearance and other various conditions of transportation.

4)We will send your tracking number of international shipping, so you can confirm your shipment. information upon shipment.


楽天国際配送にてご注文のお客様はこちらをお選びください。 送料につきましては、ご注文完了後、当店より別途メールにて ご案内致します。
Rakuten International Shipping Services Shipping fee will be advised from stores for your order confirmation.

送料は重量ごとに設定されており、以下の料金表が適用されます。 詳細はこちらです。
The following shipping tariff will be applied for Rakuten International Shipping Services. Details click here (Since the end of June 2008)

The following chart contains EMS prices based on weight and destination to certain countries

Zone First Zone Second Zone Third Zone
Weight Asia Oceania, North America, Central America and the Middle East Europe South America and Africa
Up to 300g 900yen 1,200yen 1,500yen 1,700yen
Up to 500g 1,100yen 1,500yen 1,800yen 2,100yen
Up to 600g 1,240yen 1,680yen 2,000yen 2,440yen
Up to 700g 1,380yen 1,860yen 2,200yen 2,780yen
Up to 800g 1,520yen 2,040yen 2,400yen 3,120yen
Up to 900g 1,660yen 2,220yen 2,600yen 3,460yen
Up to 1.0kg 1,800yen 2,400yen 2,800yen 3,800yen
Up to 1.25kg 2,100yen 2,800yen 3,250yen 4,600yen
Up to 1.5kg 2,400yen 3,200yen 3,700yen 5,400yen
Up to 1.75kg 2,700yen 3,600yen 4,150yen 6,200yen
Up to 2.0kg 3,000yen 4,000yen 4,600yen 7,000yen
Up to 2.5kg 3,500yen 4,700yen 5,400yen 8,500yen
Up to 3.0kg 4,000yen 5,400yen 6,200yen 10,000yen
Up to 3.5kg 4,500yen 6,100yen 7,000yen 11,500yen
Up to 4.0kg 5,000yen 6,800yen 7,800yen 13,000yen
Up to 4.5kg 5,500yen 7,500yen 8,600yen 14,500yen
Up to 5.0kg 6,000yen 8,200yen 9,400yen 16,000yen
Up to 5.5kg 6,500yen 8,900yen 10,200yen 17,500yen
Up to 6.0kg 7,000yen 9,600yen 11,000yen 19,000yen
Up to 7.0kg 7,800yen 10,700yen 12,300yen 21,100yen
Up to 8.0kg 8,600yen 11,800yen 13,600yen 23,200yen
Up to 9.0kg 9,400yen 12,900yen 14,900yen 25,300yen
Up to 10.0kg 10,200yen 14,000yen 16,200yen 27,400yen
Up to 11.0kg 11,000yen 15,100yen 17,500yen 29,500yen
Up to 12.0kg 11,800yen 16,200yen 18,800yen 31,600yen
Up to 13.0kg 12,600yen 17,300yen 20,100yen 33,700yen
Up to 14.0kg 13,400yen 18,400yen 21,400yen 35,800yen
Up to 15.0kg 14,200yen 19,500yen 22,700yen 37,900yen
Up to 16.0kg 15,000yen 20,600yen 24,000yen 40,000yen
Up to 17.0kg 15,800yen 21,700yen 25,300yen 42,100yen
Up to 18.0kg 16,600yen 22,800yen 26,600yen 44,200yen
Up to 19.0kg 17,400yen 23,900yen 27,900yen 46,300yen
Up to 20.0kg 18,200yen 25,000yen 29,200yen 48,400yen
Up to 21.0kg 19,000yen 26,100yen 30,500yen 50,500yen
Up to 22.0kg 19,800yen 27,200yen 31,800yen 52,600yen
Up to 23.0kg 20,600yen 28,300yen 33,100yen 54,700yen
Up to 24.0kg 21,400yen 29,400yen 34,400yen 56,800yen
Up to 25.0kg 22,200yen 30,500yen 35,700yen 58,900yen
Up to 26.0kg 23,000yen 31,600yen 37,000yen 61,000yen
Up to 27.0kg 23,800yen 32,700yen 38,300yen 63,100yen
Up to 28.0kg 24,600yen 33,800yen 39,600yen 65,200yen
Up to 29.0kg 25,400yen 34,900yen 40,900yen 67,300yen
Up to 30.0kg 26,200yen 36,000yen 42,200yen 69,400yen


1. 注文時にPayPal での支払い方法をお選びください
2. 弊社より、PayPal経由でお支払いいただく注文金額をお知らせいたします。
3. 注文金額に合意していただいた後、わが社で代金受領を確認しましたら、出荷いたします。
4. 注文金額ご通知後、7日以内に代金が確認できない時は注文はキャンセルされたものとみなします。

(注文代金及び配送料金) X 3.9% + 40円

注文代金 ・・・JPY10,000-
配送料金 ・・・JPY1,800-
PayPal費用 (10,000+1,800) X 3.9% +40円 ・・・JPY500-
注文金額合計 ・・・JPY12,300-

We accept PayPal as a method of payment if you bear PayPal fees. Here is the procedure for your PayPal payment.

1. Please choose PayPal as a payment method when ordering.
2. You will receive a notification of the total amount* to be paid from us via PayPal.
3. After you agree to pay via PayPal and we confirm our receipt of the total amount, your order will be shipped.
4. Please note that we assume you cancel your order if we do not receive the amount within 7 days after the notification of the total amount.
※The total amount includes your ordered items, delivery and PayPal fees.

PayPal fees are calculated as follows.
(Total amount of your ordered items and delivery fees) X 3.9% + JPY40

For example,
Total amount of your ordered items ・・・JPY10,000-
Delivery fees ・・・JPY1,800-
PayPal fees (10,000+1,800) X 3.9% + 40 ・・・JPY500-
Total amount to be paid via PayPal ・・・JPY12,300-


Payment Method

Credit Card
We accept Visa, MasterCard, JCB, AMEX and Diners.


Customs duty and other taxes
Customs duty and other taxes may be levied when a shipment reaches your country. If applicable, please pay those costs directly to the delivery agent. Policies on these taxes vary in each country. Please contact the customs office at your county for more details.


Countries other than the ones under Rakuten International Shipping  Services
We may accept international shipping for certain countries. Please let us know articles and their destination country so that we can check the possibility. Please note there are limitations and restrictions of international shipping for certain items and we may decline your requests.

Shop Information
・Address / maxicimam 1-23-3 izumi suginamiku tokyo japan
・Phone / 81-3-3325-3868
・e-mail / info@maxicimam.com
・Shop Manager / youitirou toyofuku

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