• Continuing, we are a 60-year old craftsman's shop established in Atsuta-ku, Nagoya.
  • Continuing, we are a 60-year old craftsman's shop established in Atsuta-ku, Nagoya.
  • Our selected Buddhist altars and implements convey consideration and affection.
  • Our manufacturing demonstrates our gratitude and thankful heart.

In Atelier Namu Kuma Chan, you can visit our atelier (studio) and appreciate the well selected items.  We are proud of our manufacturing process and craftsmen, and we are fully confident of our products.  Please do come and visit, and enjoy watching both craftsmen and their fine works.

  • 1968 
    The second generation Koshin Kumada apprenticed himself to Shin Kumada.
  • 1977 
    Kumada Limited Company established, building a new factory (660 u) in Chitose, Atsuta.

  • 1989 
    Koshin Kumada became the second CEO and laid out a 10-year management plan.

  • 2000 
    Opened Atelier Namu Kuma Chan as a specialized store of Buddhist altar and implements for home use.

  • 2007 
    Started manufacturing large-size Nagoya style golden Buddhist altars and custom-made Buddhist altars.

  • 1955
    Shin Kumada started the business in Chiyoda, Naka-ku in Nagoya. Part of the house was used as a workshop to manufacture Buddhist altar’s wood bases for temples.
  • 1970
    In addition to small-size Buddhist implements, started receiving orders from temples for large scale Buddhist equipment production.

  • 1979 
    Established Kumada Corporation which became one of the largest factories in Japan for wood base manufacturing for temple use Buddhist equipment.

  • 1992 
    Manufactured 2.4-meter palace.  Shifted mass production to made-to-order large-size Buddhist altar production.

  • 2006
    Online shop "Atelier Namu Kuma Chan" establishment.
  • 2010 
    Started supplying altar cleaning, moving, and memorial services nationwide.