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The good quality iron will be eluted, when you grill or simmer or boil the food. So, you can ingest the good quality iron if you will made cuisine by the casting ironware.
We cannot say "absolute". But seldom burnt adheres.
Please wash the ironware with warm water and scourer if burnt adheres.
It becomes clean.

It can store a lot of heat because the casting ironware are made thicker.
So,it will be hot for a while, even if you stop the fire.
You can eat hot cuisine for a while.

Heat will spread uniformly when you heat it because it have very good heat retention ability. So, Nanbutekki can be given evenly heat to the food. And, foods will be cooked to various delicious cuisines by Nanbutekki.

You will feel tastes strong than usual when you eat cuisines made by Nanbutekki because taste will be mellow.
So, you can refrain the seasoning about one third.
It can be expected also to prevent lifestyle diseases.

As you know, iron will be attached the magnet, if placed near it.
It means that Nanbutekki can use at IH (except for small diameter pots and some interior products).

Nanbutekki will be able to use so long time if you love it.
In Japan, some people are loving and using it 50 years and more.
Cooking power of Nanbutekki never declining at meantime.

About 400 years ago, Nanbutekki was born.
At that time, Nanbutekki craftsmen were mainly making daily necessities and weapon. As the era changes, they became to make cookware. This is start of Nanbutekki cookware.
You should be able to feel skill and pride of the craftsmen who inheriting the tradition, when you cook with the Nanbutekki.

 - IWACHU item lineup -
Frying pan
Omelette pan
Grill plate
Chinese wok
[Item Lineup]
* Frying pan 17cm
* Frying pan 21cm
* Frying pan 24cm
* Frying pan 24cm with lid
* Iron lid for Frying pan 24cm
[Item Lineup]
* Omelette pan 18cm
* Omelette pan 21cm
* Omelette pan 24cm
* Omelette pan square
[Item Lineup]
* Grill pan round 29cm
* Grill pan round 25cm
* Oil plate L
* Oil plate S
* Oil plate Dosshiri L
* Oil plate Dosshiri S
* Oil plate grill
* Grill pan with handle
[Item Lineup]
* Chinese wok L
* Chinese wok M
* Chinese wok S

Tempura pot (Fryer)
Sukiyaki pan
Furusato pot
Tea pot (Kyu-su)
[Item Lineup]
* Tempura pot Ozashiki
* Tempura 20cm
* Tempura 23cm
* Tempura 25cm deep type
* Tempura 25cm flat bottom
* Tempura 27cm flat bottom
* Fryer 16cm with handle
[Item Lineup]
* Sukiyaki pan 15cm
* Sukiyaki pan 18cm
* Sukiyaki pan 20cm
* Sukiyaki pan 22cm
* Sukiyaki pan 24cm
* Sukiyaki pan 26cm
* Sukiyaki pan 28cm
* Sukiyaki pan 30cm
* Sukiyaki pan BIHADA L
* Sukiyaki pan BIHADA S
* Sukiyaki pan HOHOEMI
* Sukiyaki pan SEKITEI L
* Sukiyaki pan SEKITEI S
* Sukiyaki pan type crab
* Sukiyaki and Dumplings pan
[Item Lineup]
* Furusato pot 16cm
* Furusato pot 18cm
* Furusato pot 21cm (IH OK)
* Furusato pot 24cm (IH OK)
* Furusato pot 26cm (IH OK)
* Furusato pot 30cm (IH OK)
* Furusato pot 33cm
* Furusato pot 36cm
[Item Lineup]
* Tea pot Hiki-fune
* Tea pot Ichijiku

Coffee pot
Taiyaki pan
Bread toaster
Genghiskhan pan
[Item Lineup]
* Coffee pot set Black
[Item Lineup]
* Taiyaki pan
[Item Lineup]
* Bread toaster
[Item Lineup]
* Genghiskhan with vine

Takoyaki plate
Baked potato pot
Rice pot
Square pan
[Item Lineup]
* Takoyaki plate 23 holes
[Item Lineup]
* Baked sweet potato pot
[Item Lineup]
* Rice pot L
* Rice pot M
* Rice pot S
* Rice pot M type wooden lid
[Item Lineup]
* Square pan

Mosquito coil vessel
Wind chime (Fu-rin)
Iron pickles paddle
Iron eggplant
[Item Lineup]
* Type Cat
* Type Shizuku bluish purple
* Type Shizuku gold/brown
* Type Shizuku bronze
[Item Lineup]
* Pinecones green
* Pinecones brown
* Bell green
* Bell brown
[Item Lineup]
* Iron pickles paddle
[Item Lineup]
* Iron eggplant 2 pcs


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