We produces four types of Vegetable flakes(Potato,Corn,Carrot,and Pumpkin)that are made from Hokkaido grown ve getables. There is no food color added. These four types of Hokkaido grown vegetables are boiled, pureed and dried to be silky powder conditions.

You can make easy such a baby food, potato salad and vegetable soup just mix with water.

The freshness date while it's unopened is 1 year. It keep for a long time.

It's made with only vegetables made in Hokkaido, Japan.

Corn soup

For 5 people

Corn flakes 75g
Water 500cc
milk 200cc
Salt and pepper for taste


Put corn flake and water into a source pan. Heat and stir them until boiled. After stop heating, add milk and stir it a little. ※You can simmer it for more thickness.

Potato salad

Ingredients For 5 people

Potato flakes 80g
Water 250cc, Sliced hum 70g,
Sliced Onion 100g, Sliced cucumber or bell pepper 75g,
Mayonnaise 75g, Salt and pepper for taste


Put water and potato flakes into a small bowl and stir Leave it for a while until it settles down. Rinse sliced onion in water for a while and squeeze it by a kitchen paper towel. Put sliced onion,hum, cucumber or dell pepper and mayonnaise into the small bowl a mix them well. Add salt and pepper for taste.

Carrot dip (Mayonnaise flavor)


Mashed carrot flake 3tablespoons
Water 2tablespoons
Mayonnaise 2tablespoons


Put caroot flake and water into a small cup stir them well. Put mayonnaise into it and stir it well too.