This tea is made from the black beans that are produced at Hokkaido only and is rich in essential Amino acid like Aspatic acid. In addition to these Amino acid, there Isoflavone that is one of the kinds of Flavonoid, Anthocyanin,Saponin are also contained and these substances are known to clean up excessively active oxygen.

You can make easy such a black beans tea.1 tablespoons black beans put in a mug. And hot water is poured into a mug.

The black beans are nutritious.It has abundant essential amino-acid of Iso flavon, an anthocyanin (the color of the black soybeans) and an aspartic acid saponin.In particular, it's recommended to a lady!

Agricultural produce is safe made of Hokkaido.Agricultural chemicals are used little.

Black beans tea

2`3 table spoons of black beans in the teapot and to pour boiled water. leave it for a while and serve it. You can drink it 2`3times. The black beans can use for either salad or other dishes after the tea is extracted.

Steamed rice with Black beans

2table spoons black beans around 170g of rice and 20% more water than usual amount.

Black beans Vineger

5`6table spoons of black beans in the pot and pour 350ml of vinegar. Soak it over night and vinegar turn to pinkish color.You can use it for vinegared rice and sunomono,such as marinade foods.