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人気USEDブランドがプライスダウン! SALE

秋アイテムを探す 秋アイテムを探す

セール対象アイテムをカテゴリーから探す セール対象アイテムをカテゴリーから探す

セール対象アイテムをブランドで探す セール対象アイテムをブランドで探す


Boasting "quality" in
there are reasons.

We only sell items that meet strict quality standards.

  1. 01. Partnering with famous department stores in Tokyo

    We opened a purchasing window at department stores in Tokyo. Because we are implementing purchase from customers who introduced us, we can collect brands that are sold at department stores.

  2. 02. Alliance with major real estate

    We are conducting purchase from shopping customers who live in tower mansions in Tokyo's 23 wards. Replacement of items is relatively quick, goods of good condition gather.

  3. 03. Secure brand warranty

    In order to eliminate illegal brand goods, hugall confirms one point one point under strict check. In the unlikely event that it is judged as a fake by a directly managed shop, we will respond to returned goods. Please contact me within 10 days after delivery ※