Order Process Overview

Order&check out at in Rakuten Global Market

AChoose your destination,language and currency unit.

BRead “Q&A” and our policy about refund&cancellation before placing your order.

CPrice on selected currency unit (estimated exchanged rate) and Japanese yen includes consumption tax.

DCheck Shipping method:JP EMS only.

EShipping fee column (EMS postage) to your destination.

FSelect the quantity and add to your shopping cart.

▼Ship Japan only.▼
ROYCE / Frozen goods / Refrigerated goods

Products in shopping cart

GProduct, quantity and total amount (subtotal in JPY) in shopping cart
When ordering temperature sensitive items including chocolate, butter or cream, the buyer assumes responsibility for these items and understands that our shop and international delivery cannot be bare responsible to control over temperature as forwarding these items out of Japan.

HEstimate international shopping fee to the destination:

■International Shipping option: JP EMS only
■Select the destination

IYour bill amount including the price of goods and the estimated postage.

InH, Shipping fee is estimated, not confirmed amount.

JContinue shopping or Checkout to process your order.

Process of checkout

KLogin Rakuten menbers to continue checkout.

LIf you are not Rakuten member, click”Guest Checkout”to process your order.

MOr join Rakuten member.

Fill shipping info

NCheck shipping address and billing address.

OWhen forward to different shipping address, please fill new shipping address.

PChoose payment method

■Credit card
Check the information of your credit card.

We charge PayPal service fee when you choose PayPal to pay your bill.

■Union pay

■Ali pay

Additional requests

SFill your request into notes
①Wrapping ,bags or message card
Some products are unable to be wrapped for showing the design and brand of the maker.

②Noshi(のし) as below is a wrapping paper,not a ribbon. We recommend you to check the usage of Noshi(のし) in advance.


③Here fill another request.

Place your order

■Recheck shipping address.→N or O

■Recheck payment information.→p

TPlace your order to paying your bill including the price of goods and the international shipping fee.

We confirm your order

When getting your order

Get an order number from Rakuten.

Check items in your order.

▼Ship Japan only.▼
ROYCE’ / Frozen goods / Refrigerated goods

If you order ROYCE’,frozen goods and refrigerated goods forward out of Japan, we will delete these items immediately.

Check the destination country only.
■The dispatch note is printed from Delivery Address that the buyer filled into Rakuten.

When the parcel is returned to Japan due to unclear delivery address, the buyer has to pay redelivery fee.

Calculate international shipping fee.
■Actual postage estimated postage in Rakuten → Continue processing your order.

■Actual postage estimated postage in Rakuten

Charge from payment method.
■While we cannot get an authorization from your credit card, we will recommend you to place a new order or change payment method as PayPal or Unionpay via email.

■When you choose PayPal or Unionpay,We will email you the link of PayPal or unionpay.

The delivery date and time are unable to be appointed for international shipping parcels.
■Ship your order takes 2-3 working days after making sure your payment.

The buyer has to check the import restrictions for destination country and understands that the receiver is responsible for any expenses relating to taxes, import expenses or confiscated by the customs in destination country.