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One of Japanese old guitar makers, Tokai. They are famous for making perfect Les Paul copy model. But they have continued to make their original model, Talbo, SEB structure and so on. Fujigen, the popular Japanese maker, has innovative techniques and traditional style. Their products receive a high evaluation from both within and outside Japan. Bacchus is the popular maker having an extensive lineup and products are known for their high cost performance. Their "Handmade Series" are made by great guitar builders.

Guitars and basses, made by master builder Makoto Sugimoto, are masterpieces having beauty, good sounds, and great playability. The most inquisitive guitar maker, Freedom Custom Guitar Research. All their invention is intended to control sounds. Their products will make you surprised. The selected craftsmen having high techniques make all the guitars by hands. Therefore, the number of their hand-made products is limited very much.

Crews' features are high degree of perfection and strong preferences for sounds. Great playability and tone by Hand-wound's the very "Maniac Sound". One of the most important Japanese guitar makers, Greco. Once its management had stopped but Greco was reborn. Its quality stands for Japanese guitar history. STR Guitars is led by young master builder Satoru Yatsuzuka. He makes splendid sound balance by spending luxurious and rare material for the right stuff in the right place.

EDWARDS is the brand which descended from the craftsman ship of ESP. Not only traditional models but also original ones are very popular with musicians all over the world. Do you know YAMAOKA Guitars? All products are homemade by one guitar builder. Many famous Japanese musicians who are attracted to their beauty and great sound have begun to use them. If you see TSUBAME Ukulele once, you will be surprised to its beauty and deep tone. The craftsman takes so much time and work to make these incredible ukuleles.