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International Shipping
■If you have any unclear points, please feel free to contact us.
Thank you for your understanding.
pierrot Yarns by Gosyo Co., Ltd.

■We need to cancel orders unless we are not able to
receive the first order confirmation email within one week.

Payment method is Credit Card only. But we need 1 or 2 days to 
confirm your credit card authorization.

Our Shipping method is EMS only. (EMS = Express Mail Service by Japan Post)


■Instructions for Use of Coupon
Coupon can not be used in case the total purchase amount is less than
adequate amount at one time.
(For a bundle of several orders, coupon can not be used if total 
purchase amount is less than adequate amount before a bundle of orders.)

Please make sure coupon usage on a settlement screen,
then select coupon.

Coupon can not be used after the transaction is completed.

Q. I forgot the acquisition of coupon, could your store make its coupon available?

A. Our store can not make its coupon available due to Rakuten web shop system.
Please reorder after acquisition of coupon.
You are able to check your acquisition of coupon.

Q. I misused coupon, could your store change its coupon?

A. Our store can not change its coupon due to Rakuten web shop system.
Please change its coupon at 【注文内容確認ページ (Order Confirmation Page)】
of below site when you reorder.


●取り扱いカード:VISA / MASTER / UFJニコス / JCB / AMEX / Diners
We ship after the confirmation of credit card authorization.&nbs We accept VISA, MASTER, JCB, UFJ NICOS,AMEX,Diners it card.
Installment payment cannot be accepted.

Our Shipping method is EMS only. (EMS = Express Mail Service by Japan Post)

We cannot dispatch our products on the same day of your order date.

Delivery time is about 1 week after our shipping notice.

Please be noted that deliver time may be delayed during busy season, in Oct, Nov, Dec, Jan.


Delivery dates.
You cannot specify delivery date and time.


Shipping cost.
The amount in the first order confirmation email does not include EMS cost. 
We calculate parcel’s
weight, shipping cost before shipment, and send reconfirmation email.
After confirmation, please contact us.
We will ship after receiving your contact.
After we ship out, EMS tracking number is advised.

Please refer to the EMS rate table for shipping cost.
(Note: Weight for package materials will be added to products’ weight)


Shipping charge.
We have a international shipping charge of 10% (same rate as Japanese consumption tax).


Domestic delivery.
Domestic delivery (inclduing toward hotel or transfer service office)
We make delivery on the same day of the order placing if inventory is available.
(Please note that same day delivery might be not possible if order is crowded.)

Delivery dates cannot be specified two weeks ahead.
In that case, we need to cancel order.


Shipping service agents.

For Customers using Shipping Service Agents
Our shipping system is controlled by customer's telephone number.
Please input your own telephone number for customer's information.
(Please do not input the phone number of transfer service company .)
You can input phone number for shipping in delivery address information.