This is a three dimensional puzzle which uses wooden rings at different levels to create a unique link puzzle. At the bottom of the puzzle a red cord winds around the base of a red post. Try to unwind and free the cord. The more wooden rings, the more difficult the puzzle. From a beginner level of 2 rings the puzzles progress to 9 rings. All in all 8 puzzles tease the brain. All people, of all ages, love these puzzles. The first step is to maneuver the red cord from around the base of the red post over to the next post. Open your mind, don't rush, you have plenty of time. With an open mind quietly wait for creativity to take over, let the almost imperceptible flashes of inspiration guide you. Once you are accustomed to the puzzle you will be able to solve it without thinking.

Advice1  With an innocent mind contemplate quiet flowing waters.
Advice2  Put aside brute force and sharp tools, use only your mind and body.
Advice3  Never give up!
Advice4  Always redo what you have undone

This puzzle operates on the binary system. As the ring levels increase, cord maneuverings double. Beginners start at 2-3 rings. More advanced levels start at 4-5 rings. Finally those who have lots of courage and inspiration advance to the 6 ring puzzle! What? The 6 leveled ring puzzle is not tough enough? So why not try the ultra esoteric 9 level ring puzzle!

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Sculptural Wooden Link Puzzle (2 Level) Sculptural Wooden Link Puzzle (3 Level) Sculpturall Wooden Link Puzzle (4 Level)
Sculptural Wooden Link Puzzle (5 Level) Sculptural Wooden Link Puzzle (6Level) Sculptural Wooden Link Puzzle (9 Level)
Sculptural Wooden Link Puzzle (4 Level) Sculptural Wooden Link Puzzle (6Level)  

It is important that the brain is balanced! One's health depends on it. Although this puzzle seems as though it is just about pulling a cord around, it is much more! It focuses on development of the perception of sculpted space and a sophisticated understanding of three dimensionality. Stimulate the brain while having fun. Keep trying, day after day, keep at it! Patience! Don't give up! When the puzzle is solved the cord will absolutely come free.

Rating difficulty ranges from one star to four. Four star puzzles are the most challenging. All in all there are 9 brain training puzzles. Start off with the Hammer Puzzle, a simple one star challenge. All our puzzles are brilliant! Why not give all of them a chance to tickle your brain!
Wooden Toys Japan
------5 year old girl------

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TREE PUZZLE This wooden puzzle is cut into the shape of the Japanese character for tree. Try to free the red string from the green string entanglement. When the red string is freed from the green string, don't stop, put it back to the way it was! Now you have mastered the puzzle.
Challenge Level:
RING RING PUZZLE The secret is in the red string. Pull, unwind, twist it about, try to bring both wooden balls to the same side, side by side on the same cord.
Challenge Level:
HAMMER PUZZLE What? Two hammers connected by some cords. With a little effort try separating them from one another. Time limit is 15 minutes.
Challenge Level:
Stealthily slip it into your pocket, and just as steathily slip it out again while you are sitting on a train or lounging around in some waiting room somewhere.Free up the red cord. If you manage to return the red cord to it's original position, surreptitiously pass it on to someone else. No need to boast, quiet dignified moments are best.
Challenge Level:
UFO PUZZLE An alien family is strung together by a red cord. This red cord which ties the family to the mothership can be untied and the family free to wander. Have fun releasing the aliens!
Challenge Level:
BOTTLE PUZZLE Fairly difficult. Determination and resolve are necessary. To complete this puzzle in one night takes great skill and focus!   A challenge for those of you who dare to try it!
Challenge Level:
SKULL PUZZLE Untangle the tangled cord from the skull! If you manage to free the red cord you win!  And don't forget to put everything back the way it was to begin with!
Challenge Level:
MOUSE&CHEESE PUZZLE Help! The mouse and cheese are all wound up in the cord. Try to free the mouse from the cheese by untangling the strings strung through the cheese. What do you think?
Challenge Level:
RESCUE PUZZLE Rescue the little girl! She is completely tied up. If the red cord is released you win! Please set her free!
Challenge Level:

●Advice1 With an innocent mind contemplate quiet flowing waters.
●Advice2 Put aside brute force and sharp tools, use only your mind and body.
Please understand that instructions are not included for your own good. Learning how to master the puzzle without outside help encourages brain development, increases one's own creative powers.

Wooden Toys Japan
------8 Year Old Girl------
Wooden Toys Japan
------8 Year Old Girl------

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