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※Please tell me how to shop online.

1)From our website selection of toys, please make your choice and add it to your shopping cart.
There is an additional charge for our engraving service. If you wish to have your item engraved be sure to register the information on our 《Name Engraving Service page》click here . Each engraved item will receive a name engraving service charge. Be sure to add the name engraving service per item to the shopping cart. .For example: 1 engraved toy has 1 engraved service charge added to the cart, 3 engraved toys must have 3 engraved service sharges added to the cart.

Once all purchased items have been added to the cart, please click on "Proceed to Checkout".

2)Step 1 Fill in Customer Form

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Members of Rakuten Ichiba please enter your User ID and Password. Your Address and other information will automatically be registered. As a Rakuten Ichiba member your shopping will accumulate points. There are other benefits as well. For Rakuten Ichiba first time shoppers and shoppers who wish to become members of Rakuten Ichiba, please click here. Please note, it is not necessary to become a Rakuten Ichiba member in order to shop at our site. If not a member of Rakuten Ichiba, please be sure to register your Country, Name, Address, Zip Code, Telephone Number and Email Address.

When the Order Mail Address is the same as the customer address, please check "Same Address " or "Above Address".
Proceed to Step 3.

3)Step 2 Fill in Order Mail Address.
When the Customer Address is different than the Order Mail Address Rakuten Ichiba members please click on "A new address or Multiple addresses" . Non-members please click on "Another address or multiple addresses".
Proceed to Step 3.
Attention! For the Order Mail Address include Country, Name, Address, Zip Code & Telephone Number.
※For Non-Japanese orders, please register name and address in English.
In the case the same item is sent to more than 2 different destinations be sure to designate which items are sent to which destinations.Click on "new address" or "another address" then follow the sequence checking on "change address /quantity" , followed by clicking on "add" for the different addresses.

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3)Step 3 is the choice of payment process and of complimentary gift wrapping.
If items are gifts please click on "Request for the gift delivery" , then if you wish complimentary gift wrapping, please click on"Order gift wrapping" and a display of wrapping paper will appear. Please make your final choice of wrapping paper design and colour of ribbon.

wooden toys
wooden toys
For International orders please choose credit card or Paypal as a payment method.
After choosing your payment method there will be an opportunity to leave Ginga Kobo Toys a message. We would appreciate any comments in English or Japanese.

Also, if you wish to order our complimentary message card service please check "Yes" and write your personal message as you wish it to appear on the card.

If you have included our "Name Engraving Service" in your shopping cart be sure to fill in the appropriate order form as shown in the example form below.

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If you have included our "Name Engraving Service" in your shopping cart be sure to fill in the appropriate order form as shown in the example form below.

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4)Final Step
When your order is complete, please recheck all the information and finally when ready, click on "Place Your Order". Congratulations your order has been made.

※Will I receive a confirmation email for the order I have made?
Yes, there will be an automatic order confirmation email from Rakuten Ichiba.
Ginga Kobo Toys, also, will send a confirmation e-mail concerning your order within 5 days( holidays are not included).

The Ginga Kobo Toys confirmation e-mail will answer customer questions, itemize orders & charges, explain discounts and list shipping costs. Attention! Charges may vary according to order processes and shippings costs. Be sure to recheck Ginga Kobo Toys final confirmation e- mail for final order statements.

If the Ginga Kobo Toys confirmation e-mail fails to arrive, consider the reasons listed below.
 ●The e- mail address information we have received is inaccurate.
 ●Ginga Kobo Toys e-mail has been filtered out as spam.
 ●Your Inbox is full and not receiving mail.
 ●Spam Mail Rejection setting has misread and rejected our e-mail.

There is no guarantee for the arrival of Ginga Kobo Toys confirmation e-mail and we have no method to recheck its arrival. It is very important to check for our order confirmation e-mail , if it has not arrived to contact us immediately.. Please check all your settings in order to insure safe and open reception to our emails.

※Are shipping costs included?

For shipments outside of Japan the shipping charges will be added to the cost of the purchased item/items. Attention! The purchased item/items will first be wrapped and packaged, the weight of this final package will determine the final shipping charges.

※Which Courier Delivery service is employed?
For international orders Ginga Kobo Toys uses DHL exclusively.

Shipping Charge Table click here.

※ Will each item be separately gift wrapped ? Will items be wrapped together?
Specifications concerning our complimentary gift wrapping must be made on the Customer Service Form. Be sure to include the item name and number with the specific gift wrapping selection. Smaller items may be placed together in a box and gift wrapped, this must be specified on the Customer Service Form. Be sure to specify on the Customer Service Form whether you wish to have the items wrapped separately or together.

Please understand that due to the size and shape of different items some gift wrapping requests are not possible.

※As a gift item, is it possible to not include the sales receipt or price tags with the shipped package?

Here at Ginga Kobo Toys if the ordering address and the shipping address are different we automatically do not include the sales receipt nor price information with the package. If the customer wishes to have a sales receipt sent separately, please make this request for the sales receipt and any other price information on the Customer Service Form. Please do not forget to inform us of your email address and we will email the receipts.

※ Will sold out items be reissued?
If toys are listed as "sold out" please send an inquiry e-mail about them to Ginga Kobo Toys. Out of stock toys may be reissued, the major concern is production time. Production time depends on the item itself, also keep in mind that production time may take longer than normally expected. There is, however, always the chance that the toy will be completed earlier than normally expected.

※Will Ginga Kobo Toys repair it's broken toys?
Please send a photo of the broken toy with an explanation and description of the problem. If a new toy arrives broken please immediately contact us with this information. Ginga Kobo Toys will do it's best to guide you concerning the repair or maintenance of it's toys.

※After placing an order is it possible to make changes in the purchased items and/or payment methods?
If the order has not yet been filled, packaged or delivered we will do our best to accommodate your requests for a change in items or payment method.

If the change concerns your credit card, due to security reasons, please do not send your credit card information to us in an email.


※What quality of paint is used for your toys?
Following the European code of ecological and hygienique safety, German companies- Planet and Osmo- create a paint which is often used for lacquerware in Japan. This paint is safe to put in the mouth, we use this same paint for our toys.


Beware of toys which have become chipped or broken, lost their original shape or have cracked painted surfaces. Also, as these toys are individually handcrafted, the actual toy may look a little different than the display photo. Although pigments which are in compliance with European standards are used for all the toys, rendering them safe to put in a child's mouth, Ginga Kobo Toys recommends that young children are carefully observed when they are playing with our toys. Ginga Kobo Toys does not take responsibility for misuse of our toys.

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