Push and Pull-Toys(1~3 Years Old)

Gentle sounds of wooden wheels clatter as the 6 wheels of a little pull car ramble along in an odd and humorous way. Pull the rope and the car starts rolling, strangely the wheels roll both forwards and backwards. Trying to catch up with the wheels as they roll by, your baby will progress from a crawl to first steps, then to pulling and running with the toy itself. With the excitement of a baby's first steps this pull toy will encourage a sophisticated understanding of space and action. Pulling this toy around will inspire your child to play in a creative way. The circular motions of this rolling toy can reach acrobatic dimensions; pulling it in immense circles, chasing it here and there, working with speed, time and space is thrilling. It all creates a liberated feeling of expansion and joy. Tiny babies all through to the terrible twos and beyond find this toy is an intriguing challenge.

It is best if Mommy or Daddy introduce the magical 6 wheel car series with this toy. Once you have caught the eye of your little one, have some fun playing together! Your baby may discover another way of playing, baby's are full of surprises!

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PUSH TOYS wooden toys
------2 Year Old Boy------

Odd, adorable, little creatures, so lovely to touch. Behold a natural wooden finish which with time will become more and more beautiful, a patina of your child's touch. And just listen! If it is shaken, a soft wooden rattle fills the air. The creature bodies are made of beech and elm. The little rolly polly wheels are painted with safe ecological pigments.

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------2 Year Old Girl------
Wooden Toys Japan

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