So many requests have been made about the maintenance of our wooden toys. Here are some thoughts about maintaining the beauty and performance of Ginga Kobo's wooden toys.

Playing lots and lots with a toy is the best way to maintain a toy.
No wax or wood conditioner creates a more beautiful luster than the simple loving touch. The natural oils of the hand and fingers leave an intimate personal patina on each and every wooden toy.

Having thus stated the obvious I do realize there are times when the toy is so completely dirty from uncontrollable circumstances or even broken. Wooden toys are easily cleaned and with a little thought usually repairable. Let children learn about responsibility, let them understand the care and maintenance of their toys. Repair a broken toy together, your child will see the importance of cherishing something by bringing it back to life.


Wood is sturdy & strong, but in heavy humidity will mold and if played with roughly , may chip or break. In some ways wood is very delicate , though strong and sturdy.
Wood being a natural material has a lot of attributes which make it very attractive. Imagine the endurance of time of a wooden toy , passing from one generation to the next. The longer a wooden toy is played with the more precious it becomes, years add to it's value and beauty.


Baby toys are often covered in saliva and might easily mold. This is a common concern. Just be sure to lightly wipe the toys dry and mold will not set in.


It is natural that wooden toys will become dirty with time.
At first, wipe the toy with a dry cloth. If it doesn't come clean, take a wet towel and wring it dry and wipe the toy again. Next dry the wet toy in a shady dry place.

※Attention※ When drying a wet toy, do not put it in direct sunlight, it might warp or crack.

※Attention※ Do not use any kind of cleaning detergent when cleaning the toy. The colour of the painted and unpainted surfaces of the toys is very sensitive and may change due to the chemicals in the cleaning agent.

If cracks and crevices in the toy have accumulated dirt, try to clean them out with a thin wire or cutip. A toothbrush, if softly applied, will also work. Take care to use the toothbrush gently.


After much playing, the toy may become chipped or scratched.

Use sandpaper to fix chipped or scratched toys.They will look new again! Please use grade 240 paper for the first sanding then switch to grade 320 for the final touchups. It is best to wrap the sandpaper around a flat object and sand on a flat surface. Be sure to sand with the grain of the wood. Anybody can do it! It is so easy to care for a wooden toy!

※Attention※Painted surfaces will be damaged by sanding.


In the gallery there are many intricate puzzles which are very delicate.

Young children often do not realize their own strength and are sometimes too rough with a toy. In order to stop the damge before it occurs, try to teach your children a gentler way of playing with toys.

If a toy is broken, don't worry. With a little wood glue, it is as good as new. Such is one of the advantages of a wooden toy.
When a child sees someone , mother, father, older brother or sister, mending a toy,they learn what it is to take care of and value something.

If there is a problem with repairs, please send us an image of the broken toy and we will advise you to the best of our abilities.

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