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A toy that makes sounds? Where does the sound come from? How & Why? Shake and Roll! These toys make soft indescribable sounds, Ginga Kobo Toys is exploring another realm of fun. In this overly electronic world, primitive sounds of non-mechanical wooden toys are a joy. Just like real musical instruments, wood knocks wood, beautiful sounds are created. Feeling,touching and, especially with these toys, hearing, is essential for a child's development.

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● Ginga Kobo Toys Statement
So much is involved in the creation of a toy. From beginning to end lots of energy and inspiration goes into each stage of production. The wood, paint, craftsmanship, and design are of primary importance. Every point is carefully monitored. Daily problems are overcome, toys take precedence. Each and everyday creating toys is our mission. Our dream is to create toys which will support a mountain of laughter and joy.

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