Company Profile

Address 11-4 chidori,urayasu,chiba, Japan
Shop Number TEL:+81-47-306-2313 FAX:+81-47-306-2315
Store Manager Daisuke Sakai
Contact Information

Customs Clearances and Duties

9am-5pm, Monday - Sunday (Closed on New Year’s holiday)
We regret that we can only speak japanese. Please contact us only by email and we will answer you as soon as possible.
(Please provide us with the product number and your questions in the email)

Return/Cancellation Policy

Golf Partner, inc. Tokyo Public Safety Commission article.301089905447

Condition Rating

・Credit cards
We accept the following credit cards.

All the credit card companies allow lump-sum payout.

・No credit card receipt will be issued on the security of our card payment system.
・Please confirm the details that will be sent from the card company.

・All credit card transactions on the Rakuten market are done via SSL.
There are some situations where we may need you to change to a different payment method.

・We may ask you to verify your identity (phone confirmation, etc…) when ordering.

・The transaction will be refused if the card’s owner name doesn’t match the customer name.

Shopping Procedure

In the case you pay with a credit card with a debit function on the Rakuten market, the appropriate amount of money will be debited from your account by the debit function at the time of the authentication regardless of the presence or absence of stock.

Also depending on the outcome of our inventory check, some modification may be required on the used amount after the authentication. In that case we will re-process your credit card and the modified amount will be debited from your account.

We will refund you the previous used amount at a later date, but until the refund is complete a double deduction will be applied.

The period to complete refund will vary by the card issuing company; it may sometimes takes up to 60 days.
Please avoided as much as possible the use of a debit card.
We apologize for any inconvenience.

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