Notice of Delivery accompanying Relocation of Logistics Warehouse

We will move the logistics warehouse.
Thank you very much for using Golf Partner Online shop .
We will stop shipping from 21th February to 26th February of the warehouse relocation period.

★Shopping our Marchandise and Shippment
Only the shipping will stop as those period. So you can by our products as usual.
We will check the order and do an assessment,and notice you about condition,ampount fee as usual.

★LAST Shipping Date before the relocation.
If the order is given your AGREEMENT to ship till 2p.m. on 20th February (In JAPAN Time),we will ship it on 21th February.
The orders, which we received after that date, will be shipped after 27th February.

If you want to receive your items in urgent, please order sooner.
・Without the shipping,we will do os usual.

Thank you for reading.