Thank you very much for your coming to our shop.
We accept orders from overseas based on Rakuten International Shipping Services.
Please click here for general information about Rakuten International Shipping Services.
English page of "How to Shop" is here.

Once we receive your order, we will e-mail you about total amount billed including shipping fee. And we will ship your order to your destination address as soon as we confirm your payment.
Please fill in your name and address in ENGLISH when you order.

We will advise a tracking number of international shipping for your information upon shipment.

GLENCHECK Corporation

Address: Nextsite Kamata BLDG., 4F 1-2-5, Kamatahonchou, Ota-ku, TOKYO 144-0053 JAPAN
Phone Number: +81-3-5710-7415
Shop Manager: Rie Furukawa
Shop Security Manager: Naoya Hashimoto

When you wish to place an order from overseas, we accept a credit card and PayPal.
There is no need for you to pay the consumption tax of Japan. We deduct 5% consumption tax from the total amont billed. Therefore, prices of items would become about 5% less price from the price shown on the page. It is the item price only for foreign customers.

ąŁ Credit card
We do accept credit card payment only when we can confirm customer's credit card is authorized.
May we ask our customers to change the payment method when we recieve a noftification that the credit card is not under the condition of use or valid.


We accept PayPal as a method of payment
Here is the procedure for your PayPal payment.

1. Please choose PayPal as a payment method when you place an order.
2. You will receive a notification of the total amount bill and PayPal invoice to be paid from our store.
3. After we confirm your payment is completed, your order will be shipped.
4. Please note that we assume you cancel your order if we do not receive the amount within 10 days after the notification of the total amount.

There is a policy of a no refund, no exchange and cancellation for international shipping services.
Please check your order carefully, their size and colors if they are OK before purchasing.

We can accept the cancellation of the order only before shipping.
We cannot accept cancellation after shipping.

When shipping is delayed by customer's circumstances, we cannot accept the cancellation.

With that being said, in the case of intial defect of the item or being under the unexpected circumstances, we may accept returning the item(s). After receiving the item, please contact seller within 3 days in that case.

Customs duty and other taxes may be levied when a shipment reaches your country. If applicable, please pay those costs directly to the delivery agent. Policies on these taxes vary in each country. Please contact the customs office at your county for more details.

We deliver the items by EMS (Japan Post Co.Ltd.).
The customer are not expected to choose the delivery company.
The delivery cost has been determined by the weight of the packaged product.

Please note that in rare occasions slight discrepancies in calculation of the delivery cost might occur.

Shipping cost based on weight of EMS is as follows.
Weight of The Package ASIA NORTH AMERICA
0-300grams \900 \1200 \1500 \1700
301-500grams \1100 \1500 \1800 \2100
501-600grams \1240 \1680 \2000 \2440
601-700grams \1380 \1860 \2200 \2780
701-800grams \1520 \2040 \2400 \3120
801-900grams \1660 \2220 \2600 \3460
901-1000grams \1800 \2400 \2800 \3800
1001-1250grams \2100 \2800 \3250 \4600
1251-1500grams \2400 \3200 \3700 \5400
1501-1750grams \2700 \3600 \4150 \6200
1751-2000grams \3000 \4000 \4600 \7000
2001-2500grams \3500 \4700 \5400 \8500
2501-3000grams \4000 \5400 \6200 \10000
The standard weight of each item is as follows.

(These are rough standards.)

Bi-fold wallet about 200grams
Long wallet about 250grams
Shoulder bag about 1000grams
Wool sweather about 800grams
Long duffle coat for men about 1000grams
Delivery bag about 50grams
Delivery box(small) about 300grams
Delivery box(large) about 500grams