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It is a guide about the overseas shipment to our important visitor.
Please e-mail us at 【】if there is anything unclear.

注文から発送まで / From an order to shipment

  • 1.ご注文
  • 2.送料等のご案内(*1)
  • 3.お支払い
  • 4.発送
  • (*1)メールをお送り致しますので、ご確認後ご返信ください。
  • 1.Order
  • 2.Guidance of the postage etc…(*1)
  • 3.Payment
  • 4.Shipping
  • (*1)We will ship the ordered items within about 3 business days after we receive your confirmation mail about the total bill amount including the overseas shipping fee.For confirmation, please reply when you see this email.
    The sales contract is not established without your answer. The order is canceled without your answer within ten days.

お支払方法 / Payment Method

  • クレジットカード
  • For overseas orders, following payment methods are available:
  • - Credit card (Visa, MasterCard, JCB, AMEX and Diners)
  • *When you order by the credit card payment, please order in the same person the name of the credit card and the recipient and purchaser.We can not recieve the order if it is different.
  • *We cannot ship out items, if the shipping address registered in the order and real shipping address do not match.
  • *When the first time in our shop received an order from you, there is a case that we sometimes ask you to change the payment method.

発送方法 / Shipment method

  • EMS
  • 保険をつけて発送します。(保険代金は当店負担)
  • 大量注文や他の発送方法をご希望の場合は下記アドレスへお問い合わせください。
  • For overseas delivery, we use EMS.
  • We attach insurance and send it out. (the insurance cost bears our store)
  • When you want large orders and other shipment methods, please refer to the following address.
  • e-mail:【

輸送による破損 / Damaged by transportation

  • もし破損した商品が届いたら、運送会社へ申請が必要ですので、すぐにご連絡下さい。
  • お手続き方法を折り返しご連絡差し上げます。
  • Please contact us immediately if a damaged product arrives because application is necessary for the transportation company. Communication gives a procedure method in reply.

送料と配送期間 / The postage and delivery time

送れない商品 / Product not to be able to send oversea

  • 液体を含むもの・大型商品・一部家電(充電式)等
  • *もしその商品をご注文の場合はメールでその旨、ご連絡します。
  • Liquid/Large product/Household appliance (charge type)etc
  • *If an order of the products, we inform you by an email.


  • 全商品海外での保証はついておりません。
  • 1つずつ検品・動作確認後に発送します。商品到着後に万が一商品が動かなくなった場合も交換・返品はできません。
  • All products, guarantee in foreign countries are not included.
  • We send it out after inspection, operation check one by one. When a product does not work by any chance, exchange, the return of goods is not possible after the arrival to the product either.

消費税 / Duties

  • 全商品免税です。
  • Our shop is a duty-free!

海外発送手数料 / Overseas shipment Fee

  • 消費税は頂いておりませんが、ご注文金額の5%を手数料として頂いています。この手数料は送料に加算されます。ご了承ください。
  • Consumption tax is not charged with overseas orders, but 5% of your bill will be charged as the fee for handling overseas shipping. It is added to the shipping cost.

関税 / Import tax

  • 購入した商品に対し、お受け取り国での通関時に関税やその他の輸入税、および通関手数料が課せられる場合がございます。
  • その際は、お受取人様のご負担となりますので、お届け時に直接配送業者へお支払いください。
  • なお、税金や通関手数料に関するポリシーは各国によって異なりますので、詳しくは、お受け取り国の税関にお問い合わせください。
  • Additional import duties and taxes may be charged on customs clearance into your country.
  • Customers must be in charge of this additional cost, therefore in this case, please pay directly to the delivery agents or the customs office at the time you receive your package.
  • The import tax policies are different from countries to countries, therefore, please contact the customs office of your living country for more detail.


  • 保管期限内に荷物を受け取ってください。もし受け取らない場合は日本に返品されてしまいます。
  • 当店に返品となった場合、キャンセル料として今回の注文金額(送料含)をご請求します。ご返金は出来かねます。
  • 出来る限り早くお荷物をお受け取りいただけますようお願いいたします。
  • ※これに加え、他の理由も含まれます。[例えば間違ったアドレス、アドレス不足などで返品となった場合]
  • Please perform receiving of baggage before a safekeeping time limit. If the package isn't picked up, it will be returned to Japan.
  • If it gets returned to our store, we will charge you for an order amount of money as a cancellation fee. We cannot refund it.
  • Please contact your local post office and pick up the package as soon as possible.
  • In addition, other reasons are included, too.[e.g. wrong address, address deficiency, etc.]

お問い合わせ / Contact us

  • 英語での対応は、メールでのみ可能です。
  • お電話をいただいても十分なご対応ができません。
  • 英語でのお問い合わせをご希望の方は、メールにてお問い合わせくださいますようお願いいたします。
  • Customer-support in English is only held by mails.
  • If you call us for customer-support in English, sorry that we can't provide you with enough support.
  • Therefore, please send mails if you want to contact us in English.
  • SHOP:【Interior Flaner Shop】
  • Contact Us:【
  • Adress:Chuo-ku Daimyo 1-15-33-3F Fukuoka-city Japan 

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