FIT JOY brand was born in 2017.
Our president has been involved in the shoe industry for more than 50 years and collected experienced staff in various fields of shoes to start up FIT JOY.
The biggest point is
to wear comfort
We know the most important key point which users are looking for in shoes is "comfort".
FIT JOY shoes use the high quality "sheep skin" and high quality outsole which was developed by a recent technological innovation.
Target of FIT JOY is
FIT JOY can make it compatible with function for comfort and design.


  • POINT01

    Collaboration of graceful looking and excellent flexibility
  • POINT02

    Special outsole developed by
    a high new technology.
  • POINT03

    Lightweight design combined
    with durability
  • POINT04

    Realizing the foot sole and
    the fit of the shoe Insoles
  • POINT05

    Comfortable fitting with wide designed last.