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※If a worldwide delivery is necessary, method of payment must be only "credit-card transactions"


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About Ordering

item with "is going to send it for advance reservation" can't not be purchased.

If a worldwide delivery is necessary, method of payment must be only "credit-card transactions".

In the event of authorization error, the purchase will be canseled.
Please reauthorize the credit card information.

Orders receive after 8am(JST) Japan time will be accepted on the next day.

The shipping fee will vary depending on the weight of the item, the includes all wrapping and packages. Delivery and Shipping Rates

EMS's can be covered with insurance.
The amount of 20,000yen with included when purchased by EMS.
After that, 50yen will be added on every 20,000yen.
It will be carged with the shipping fee.

In the event of tax being charged, it will be at your own cast.