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[* Announcement: our year-end and New Year holidays period.]

Hello from COSMEBOX. Thank you for your patronage.
Today, I have an announcement about our year-end and New year holiday period. We have a holiday in below period.

29 Dec 2018(SAT)- 3 Jan 2019(THU)

*Order acceptance within this year; By 08:30 am. 28 Dec 2018(FRI)
*The order after that will be accepted/shipped beginning with old order on or after 4 Jan 2019(FRI).
*You can shop online 24 H 365 days.
[Shipping schedule]
Because of the manufacture is on holiday, it is expect to take more time than usual to ship in following cases.
*If the item was stock-out.
*If you ordered back-ordered item (The items which we usually don't have a stock).
● Order of acceptance; 08:30 am. 28 Dec 2018
→Shipment; from 4 Jan 2019 onward (seriatim shipment)

* Stock-out or back-ordered item will be shipped after the arrival.

● Order; After 08:31 am. 28 Dec 2018
→Accept beginning with old order on or after 4 Jan 2019

* It is expect to receive a rush of orders, please allow us for a few days for acceptance and delivery.
[Customer support]
* Please contact us by 12:00 28 Dec(FRI).
* We will response any contact after that on or after 4 Jan(FRI).
* We will response the message beginning with old message.

[Payment check(PayPal and Alipay)]
Final payment check and shipping within this year; 27 Dec(THU) 15:00.
(Note: The order that was confirmed for payment at 3pm on 27 Dec will be shipped after 4 Jan.)
The payment after that will be checked on 4 Jan.