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Ordering & Payment

[Q] Do you ship SPEEDKAITORI.jp item abroad?
[A] Items of SPEEDKAITORI.jp will be shipped directly from Japan.
[Q] If I buy a lot of items in your shop, can I have a discount?
[A] Discounts such as bulk buying are not done.
[Q] Can I make direct dealings?
[A] Direct dealings are not carried out. Please order from the Rakuten global site.
[Q] Can I shop by credit card?
[A] By order from overseas, we refuse credit card usage. I also refuse to use overseas credit cards. Please use "Paypal / Alipay" for payment.
[Q] I have no reply from you yet after placing my order. How about my order?
[A] We always reply our customers within 2 days after getting their orders in normal condition. Reply may be delayed during Rakuten's Sale period. Please contact us, if there is no response until forth business day after order day.


[Q] EMS postage is too expensive, May I use other international delivery method?
[A] Delivery method other than EMS is DHL only. Shipping fee for DHL will be higher than EMS. We can not send by shipping method other than above.
[Q] Why is the delivery fee(EMS/DHL) so expensive?
[A] The delivery fee (EMS) is calculated from the weight of your goods and a packing material.
In addition to the above, insurance premiums will be added separately.

You could check the delivery rate at JP postage website.

There are two kinds of calculation methods of delivery cost (DHL). The heavier one of [1] or [2] is applied.

[1] Gross weight of goods and packaging materials
[2] Volume weight of packing size

*Shipping fee will be "DHL EXPRESS WORLDWIDE".
[Q] Can I send precious metals by EMS?
[A] We can not send precious metals by EMS.
[Q] Could you ship my goods immediately?
[A] We will ship within 2 business days after payment is confirmed with "Paypal / Alipay". If you do not receive the shipping completion message within 2 business days after payment, please contact us.
[Q] Can I specify a delivery date?
[A] It is difficult to appoint delivery date or time for international shipping parcels. It may take more time for Customs clearance or the destination in a remote are[A]
[Q] Could you let me know how to check the status of my parcel?
[A] After dispatching parcels, we will send you the tracking number by email. You could check its status on JP post website and DHL wbsite.
[Q] When I check the delivery status of EMS or DHL, it says "It was returned to the sender".
[A] Please contact EMS or DHL directly. While your parcel with unclaimed or unclear address is back to Japan, we do not ship it without redelivery fee.

Cancellation, Refund & Damage

[Q] I ordered it by mistake. What should I do?
[A] Please contact us if you wish to cancel. In that case, please tell me the order number.
Contact information: rakuten-ec@buysell-technologies.com
[Q] I got my parcel, but I don't want to buy it. Can I return it?
[A] We do not exchange or refund for change of mind, individual factors or incorrect products placed for a dispatched parcel.
[Q] I got a wrong product. Can you send me the correct one?
[A] If the incorrect item arrives, please contact us immediately. Also, please return the wrong item. After confirming returns of goods, we will send you the correct item Contact information: rakuten-ec@buysell-technologies.com
[Q] The delivered parcel got a hole in the cardboard, and some items are lost! What can I do now?

[A] We are sorry for hearing that.

  • Firstly, contact the nearest post to claim the insurance.
  • Please take pictures for the broken parcel and email us. Meanwhile, it is necessary to check if there any damage to your purchases with the delivery man as delivered. If there is any hole in outside of the cardboard, please
  • reject to sign this parcel and
  • claim the shipping insurance to the delivery man.

Customs & duties

[Q] Why am I charged for paying import duty?
[A] The import duty or taxes might be occurred from the local customs' law. While you have any question for the payment, please contact local post and the customs in destination country.
[Q] May the customs confiscate the products?
[A] The customs officials are going to inspect personal import parcels as arrival in destination nation. They will confiscate the articles banned or restricted by customs regulations. It is difficult for us to be aware of prohibited items in your destination country.
You have to refer the local customs for more information in advance. Each purchaser has the responsibility to take care to order proper products. It is impossible for our shop to understand each country's customs rules and arrange confiscated products.