LOUIS VUITTON Recommended Bags other than Neverfull

LOUIS VUITTON Shoulder Special Selected

“There is more than Neverfull!
Here are the recommended LV shoulder bags.”

Although Neverfull is so popular with its high variation of usage which you can use it during work days or leisure days, there is still a lot of choices besides Neverfull.
There are lots of bags named with Cabas, and it actually means “Shopping bag” in French. Things are easy to be put in and taken out, which is very user friendly.
For this time, we have some pickup items of shoulder bags which are similar to Neverfull.

LOUIS VUITTONThe standard of a Shoulder Bag

“The standard of a Shoulder Bag”

“Louis Vuitton Neverfull”

Louis Vuitton Neverfull SIZE

There are 3 sizes for Neverfull, including PM, MM and GM.
The strap drops are 16.5cm, 20.0cm and 20.0cm respectively.
All of them can be used as shoulder bag.
Although the size of MM and GM are different, still the strap drops are the same.

Louis Vuitton Neverfull MM

Let’s start with the review of Neverfull. MM is the most popular size of Neverfull.
No matter work days or school days, A4 file, books and magazines can fit into this bag.

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“Recommended Shoulder Bags”

“There is still a lot of choices"

There are lots of different colors and sizes for the models shown above.

  • N51203
    StrapDrop: 28cm
  • N42240
    StrapDrop: 23cm
  • N51128
    StrapDrop: 20cm
  • M51155
    StrapDrop: 26cm

and more... comming soon.