■Group Information
* 100% subsidiary company of Bluek
Establishment July. 2000
Address 1-7-28 Higashi-shinsaibashi Chuoku Osakacity Osaka 542-0083 / JAPAN
Commodity Watch, Bag , Jewellery
Number of Stores 8 (until Apr. 2014)
Bluek was founded in Japan Osaka, in July 2000.
And Bluek Retailing is the 100% subsidiary company of Bluek, taking over all the on-line business from Bluek from Sep.2014.
Mainly engaged in the selling of brand watch, bags and jewelry.
It has been so popular since set up and today BLUEK has 8 stores in all.
The annual sales of BLUEK is 2500 million yen, which is about 25million in dollar.
Also with the annual sales of 25000pieces for watch, and the monthly click rate of 4 million, BLUEK has become the biggest online store in Japan for watch.
So far we have received overseas orders from the world more than 40 countries.
To meet customer requests, we decided to enter the Asia area, and Europe area for global business.
With the best price, to make your watch dream come true.
■Management Strategy
We pursue the unique service, and work hard for it,to supply customers with more profit and impression.
We learn from the work,and keep growing,to make ourselves happier and everyone around us.
■Prize Experience
 2010, The 23th Nikkei New Office Prize
■Yahoo Shopping:
 Annual best store Noble metal division No.1
 Annual best store Noble metal division 3 times
 Semi-annual best store Noble metal division 4 times
 Monthly best store Noble metal division 19 times
 Monthly MVP:Shop of the month 3 times
 Weekly MVP:Shop of the week 1 time
■Manager Message
Bluek was founded in 2000,and today it is 14 years old.
At first there are 4 watches and 1 person only.
I dream of expanding business, but just the strength by myself is not enough.
I need partner, soon I realized.
The things I don’t know, maybe he know. The ability he doesn’t have, maybe she has.
So from the first 1 person to 3person, 10person, 20person, and even today’s 30ones, Bluek have grown up quickly.
Sometimes the real life is just like the One Piece(the famous comic of Japan).
We have different abilities.
And when we face difficult, we overcome it together.
All of my staff is different, is the only one in the world.
Thanks to the unique everybody, Bluek can be so successful today.
I admire each of my staff. They are my friends.
■CSR Action
2012 Autumn Kampuchea Ansan Middle School
2013 Autumn Kampuchea Kutie Primary School
2014 help 8 student for education

All the donations are started from an accidental.
27years old , an age crazy for backpack.
27yesrs old’s Aomatu went to Cambodia for the first time.

The scenery here is very beautiful, and the people here are very friendly and simple, especially the children here. Their eyes are so clear and pure. The children told me the way to go to the village and we talked a lot. But when I asked them, what would you do when you grown up? They are utterly ignorant and feel so puzzled, even don’t know how to answer. Yes, the children here don’t have dream, they don’t know what they will be after grown up.
They don’t know there are so many jobs they can choose and they have the chance to choose, they just believe they can only work in the farm all lifetime. I feel so pitiful and so sad at the moment. In 1970s,teacher and intellectual in Cambodia were rejected even beheaded in the battle. So there is almost no middle school and few primary school. They are so pathetic. They don’t know this will affect their future a lot. I just want they can study like the children in Japan. So I decided to donate and ask my friends together. Finally, the Ansan Middle School was set up in 2012 . And next year, I donated to another school, the Kuchiei Primary School, which was set up in 2013. The donation from Bluek is about $130000 in total.
And I went to Cambodia every year to see how the education going there.
While I just found a big problem in 2013. Rather than the children go to school, there are still children who can’t go to school and they are more poor. Their parents are ill or disabilities, so they have to stay home to help working to make money. It’s not fair for them. They are so little. So I decided to help the children to have education until high school graduation. And I helped 8 children this year.

To help a country, you may have many ways, to give them money, to give them goods, and so on.
However, the radical way is the education.
I have a dream, I will try my best to set up more than 100 schools in my life.
Not only the Cambodia, just anywhere in the world who need my help.
Let every child receive education, let every child has a dream, let them’s eyes always full of hope , clear forever.
And this is our BLUEK Plan.
■Article about us
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