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- A guidance of the request for taxation of GST -

Taxation of GST (Goods & Service Tax, article service tax) by the Australian government starts July 1, 2018.

In case the destination address the customer appoint is "Australia" and amount of purchased item(s) is less than 1,000AUD (Australian dollar),
customer have to pay GST of 10% of amount of money to the Australian government.

With this, our shop have to collect 10% tax of your purchased item.

- What is GST?? -

The GST is a value added tax and this system has introduced in July,2000.
It is imposed on most goods and services sales used in Australia.
A tax rate is 10% of the transaction price.

- Taxalbe of GST -

The destination address that a customer appoint is Australia and purchased amount is less than 1,000AUD (Australian dollar).

- Flow of paying GST -

1.Our shop collect 10% tax of purchased amount.
2.Rakuten request 10% tax to our shop in addition to overseas sales commission.
3.Rakuten pays tax to Australian revenue agent.

We feel sorry about this situation, but please understand about GST.

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