■ Shipping method

We offer following 3 kinds of shipping methods for your convenience.
We only offer EMS [Express Mail Service] and SAL [Surface Air Lifted] carried by Japan Post.
Please review the price list to compare each terms.

※EMS takes about 10-14 days, and SAL takes about 4-8 weeks to get to S.America and Africa from JAPAN.
  EMS SAL small packet
[Registered] (*1)
SAL small packet
Delivery time(*2) Asia 2 - 5 days 1 - 2 weeks
USA/Oceania/Europe 5 - 7 days 2 - 3 weeks
S.America/Africa 10 - 14 days 4 - 8 weeks
Insurance full amount up to 6000 yen no insurance
Restrictions Total dimensions of a cardboard after packing is
200cm or less, and weight is 30kg or less. (*3)
Total dimensions of a cardboard after packing is
90cm or less, and weight is 2000g or less.
EMS may not be available in some countries. SAL is available almost anywhere in the world.
Notes Fastest Safest most economic

(*1). There is an extra 410 yen charge for registered mail.
(*2). This list is just for the reference. Please note that there is a possibility that the shipping will be delayed due to various reasons.
(*3). It is 140cm or less in some countries. An upper limit on the size varies depending on the country.


EMS is a top speed international mail service for sending up to 30 kg of documents and other goods simply and conveniently to over 120 countries and territories worldwide.

■ Airmail

International Priority Airmail is a fast, cost-effective volume service.


This is a service where international mail is handled as surface mail in both Japan and the destination country and as airmail between the two countries. The service is faster than surface mail while the cost is lower than airmail.

■ Shipping cost

Please note that you should add an additional weight of cardboard box and packing materials.
Payments are all on a Japanese Yen Basis.
Registration can be put on SAL with extra 410 yen each box.

■ SAL Small Packet (Unregistered)

Weight / AREA Asia Ocean / North America Europe South America / Africa
Up to 100 g  160  180  180  200
    200 g  240  280  280  320
    300 g  320  380  380  440
    400 g  400  480  480  560
    500 g  480  580  580  680
    600 g  560  680  680  800
    700 g  640  780  780  920
    800 g  720  880  880 1,040
    900 g  800  980  980 1,160
   1,000 g  880 1,080 1,080 1,280
   1,100 g  960 1,180 1,180 1,400
   1,200 g 1,040 1,280 1,280 1,520
   1,300 g 1,120 1,380 1,380 1,640
   1,400 g 1,200 1,480 1,480 1,760
   1,500 g 1,280 1,580 1,580 1,880
   1,600 g 1,360 1,680 1,680 2,000
   1,700 g 1,440 1,780 1,780 2,120
   1,800 g 1,520 1,880 1,880 2,240
   1,900 g 1,600 1,980 1,980 2,360
   2,000 g 1,680 2,080 2,080 2,480


Weight Asia Oceania, North America, Central America and the Middle East Europe South America and Africa
Up to 500g1,400 yen2,000 yen2,200 yen2,400 yen
Up to 600g1,540 yen2,180 yen2,400 yen2,740 yen
Up to 700g1,680 yen2,360 yen2,600 yen3,080 yen
Up to 800g1,820 yen2,540 yen2,800 yen3,420 yen
Up to 900g1,960 yen2,720 yen3,000 yen3,760 yen
Up to 1.0kg2,100 yen2,900 yen3,200 yen4,100 yen
Up to 1.25kg2,400 yen3,300 yen3,650 yen4,900 yen
Up to 1.5kg2,700 yen3,700 yen4,100 yen5,700 yen
Up to 1.75kg3,000 yen4,100 yen4,550 yen6,500 yen
Up to 2.0kg3,300 yen4,500 yen5,000 yen7,300 yen
Up to 2.5kg3,800 yen5,200 yen5,800 yen8,800 yen
Up to 3.0kg4,300 yen5,900 yen6,600 yen10,300 yen
Up to 3.5kg4,800 yen6,600 yen7,400 yen11,800 yen
Up to 4.0kg5,300 yen7,300 yen8,200 yen13,300 yen
Up to 4.5kg5,800 yen8,000 yen9,000 yen14,800 yen
Up to 5.0kg6,300 yen8,700 yen9,800 yen16,300 yen
Up to 5.5kg6,800 yen9,400 yen10,600 yen17,800 yen
Up to 6.0kg7,300 yen10,100 yen11,400 yen19,300 yen
Up to 7.0kg8,100 yen11,200 yen12,700 yen21,400 yen
Up to 8.0kg8,900 yen12,300 yen14,000 yen23,500 yen
Up to 9.0kg9,700 yen13,400 yen15,300 yen25,600 yen
Up to 10.0kg10,500 yen14,500 yen16,600 yen27,700 yen
Up to 11.0kg11,300 yen15,600 yen17,900 yen29,800 yen
Up to 12.0kg12,100 yen16,700 yen19,200 yen31,900 yen
Up to 13.0kg12,900 yen17,800 yen20,500 yen34,000 yen
Up to 14.0kg13,700 yen18,900 yen21,800 yen36,100 yen
Up to 15.0kg14,500 yen20,000 yen23,100 yen38,200 yen
Up to 16.0kg15,300 yen21,100 yen24,400 yen40,300 yen
Up to 17.0kg16,100 yen22,200 yen25,700 yen42,400 yen
Up to 18.0kg16,900 yen23,300 yen27,000 yen44,500 yen
Up to 19.0kg17,700 yen24,400 yen28,300 yen46,600 yen
Up to 20.0kg18,500 yen25,500 yen29,600 yen48,700 yen
Up to 21.0kg19,300 yen26,600 yen30,900 yen50,800 yen
Up to 22.0kg20,100 yen27,700 yen32,200 yen52,900 yen
Up to 23.0kg20,900 yen28,800 yen33,500 yen55,000 yen
Up to 24.0kg21,700 yen29,900 yen34,800 yen57,100 yen
Up to 25.0kg22,500 yen31,000 yen36,100 yen59,200 yen
Up to 26.0kg23,300 yen32,100 yen37,400 yen61,300 yen
Up to 27.0kg24,100 yen33,200 yen38,700 yen63,400 yen
Up to 28.0kg24,900 yen34,300 yen40,000 yen65,500 yen
Up to 29.0kg25,700 yen35,400 yen41,300 yen67,600 yen
Up to 30.0kg26,500 yen36,500 yen42,600 yen69,700 yen

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