■ Step1

Please order through our website.
Please choose the shipping method and the payment method you wish at the time of the order.
A detailed e-mail about the price of the items and the shipping cost will be sent by us, Terraformer Rakuten after the purchase.

You will receive automatic reply of order confirmation after completing your order and sometimes e-mail written in Japanese.
Those e-mails are automatic system operation when the content of your order is amended.
Please note that no reply necessary to this kind of e-mail in Japanese. We apologize for the confusion.

*Please use the price list for reference as a rough guide.
The accurate estimate will be sent soon after you place an order.
We usually send this mail within 3 business days of the purchase.

■ Go to SHIPPING >>>

We offer the following 2 ways of shipping methods for your convenience.
Please choose the shipping method you wish at the time of order.

1.EMS(Express Mail Service)
It takes about 2-7 days to arrival
Insured mail with a Tracking Number
2.SAL(Economy Airmail)[Small package]
It takes about 2-5 weeks to arrival
Not insured mail, No Tracking Number
* You can also register the parcel if you pay extra 410 yen.
Tracking service is available in some countries.
There are also maximum value of 6000 yen insurance if you put register on.

Available areas and post types may be limited by the size of package.
There might be the cases that takes a little longer to arrive because of going through customs.

We highly recommend to choose EMS or Registered SAL just in case because we are not responsible for any losses or damages if you do not select an insured shipping method

■ Step2

The customer who pays by credit card, please send back a confirmation e-mail about the estimate.
Also we have to cancel your order if we do not receive your responses within 5days.

The customer who pays by Paypal, please log in the link of Paypal on the mail we sent and go through the necessary formalities.

If you wish to cancel your order by any possiblility, please let us know at this time.
You can cancel with no charge by this time.

■ Step3

This will complete your order.
We will send the items immediately within 2 business days from your confirmation e-mail or payment via Paypal.

■ Step4

We will let you know by e-mail when the shipping is ready.
We will send the tracking number for the customer who chose EMS or registered SAL.
Please wait for the items to arrive.


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