Hele i Waho

Private Brand "Hele i waho"
Supporting "Learn from Nature, Live with Nature, Enjoy Nature!"

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“Hele i Waho” means “Let’s Go Outside” in Hawaiian language.
・Gear up Now ! ・Command of Gear ! ・Play More !
Japan Reasonable high quality Marine items.


Designed Hawaii/Oahu island’s wild nature, Rainbow, Diamondhead and Ocean.
And we use Oahu island symbol color "Yellow" for second logo.


1986, the company CEO, Masao Nakagawa moved to Hawaii alone to learn a lot from nature.
After 18 years experience of diving instructor, He launched business in Japan.
2006, he met Daiki Hirano who is surfer, diving instructor and product designer.
This is the birth of "Hele i Waho"

2015, We launched Global Market Project.
Japan Quality to all over the World.
Hele i Waho history just begun.


Company Name HID Ltd.
CEO Masao Nakagawa
Location 〒150-0031 Tokyo Shibuyaku Sakuragaokacho 3-4 Kurokawa-Building 3F
TEL 03-3770-0367
FAX 03-3770-1499
Capital 8,000,000 JPY
Established June 4,1996
employees 20
Major Banks Mitsuisumitomo Bank, MitsubishitokyoUFJ Bank
Sales tsubouchi@aqros.jp



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