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Shop Information

  • Address: 2-3097 Kamitokiwa-cho, Asahikawa, HOKKAIDO 070-0057, JAPAN
  • Phone Number: +81-166-56-4782
  • Shop Manager: Yoshimitsu Okawa
  • Shop Security Manager:Yoshimitsu Okawa
  • Contact Information: anagram@shop.rakuten.co.jp

Customs Clearances and Duties

  • Import duties and taxes may be applied upon customs clearance into your country.
    Please pay such costs directly to the delivery agents or the customs office upon delivery.
    For details, please contact the customs office of your country.


  • About delivery and shipping fees
    • For overseas delivery, a handling fee of 450 yen will be charged in addition to the shipping fee.
      [Total product price] + [shipping] + [overseas shipping fee(450 yen) ] = Total payment
      • 1)After order, an automatically reply in Japanese will be sent to you. Please note that the shipping fees mentioned in this e-mail are for orders to be delivered to an address within Japan and not applicable for delivery outside of Japan.
      • 2)Soon you will receive an e-mail with the correct shipping fees and total price from our shop. Please check the total amount due.
      • 3)Your ordered items will be shipped out only after your payment is received.
  • Delivery Time
    • The delivery time is estimated to be approximately 3 business days after shipment.
      Please understand there will be delays depending upon customs clearance and other various conditions of transportation.
  • Shipping Fees
    • * All price are listed in Japanese Yen
    • * In any cases, overseas delivery requires delivery charge. Shipping fee will be advised from stores for your order confirmation.
    • *EMS
      The following chart contains EMS prices based on weight and destination to certain countries
  • Announcement of EMS shipping fee change by Japan Post
    • Japan Post has announced that there will be changes to the current EMS shipping fee from June 1st, 2016 Japan Standard Time. For latest shipping fee, please refer to the chart below.
ZoneFirst ZoneSecond ZoneThird Zone
WeightAsia Oceania,
North America,
Central America
and the Middle East
EuropeSouth America and Africa
Up to 500g 1.400 2,000 2,200 2,400
Up to 600g 1,540 2,180 2,400 2,740
Up to 700g 1,680 2,360 2,600 3,080
Up to 800g 1,820 2,540 2,800 3,420
Up to 900g 1,960 2,720 3,000 3,760
Up to 1.0kg 2,100 2,900 3,200 4,100
Up to 1.25kg 2,400 3,300 3,650 4,900
Up to 1.5kg 2,700 3,700 4,100 5,700
Up to 1.75kg 3,000 4,100 4,550 6,500
Up to 2.0kg 3,300 4,500 5,000 7,300
Up to 2.5kg 3,800 5,200 5,800 8,800
Up to 3.0kg 4,300 5,900 6,600 10,300
Up to 3.5kg 4,800 6,600 7,400 11,800
Up to 4.0kg 5,300 7,300 8,200 13,300
Up to 4.5kg 5800 8,000 9,000 14,800
Up to 5.0kg 6,300 8,700 9,800 16,300

Prohibited and Restricted Goods

  • Items by Country
    • Policies regarding prohibited and restricted goods differ from each country of destination. Please click on the following links for popular destination countries (USA, Canada, UK, Germany, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Korea, China, Singapore, Thailand, Australia, New Zealand).
      * Please contact EMS for information on other countries

Cancelation Policy

  • Please understand that we will not accept
    cancellation in any case for international orders.
  • We will cancel your order if the payment had
    not been properly made until the due date.

Return and Refund Policy

  • Any return or refund will not be accepted once order confirmation e-mail is sent out.

Consumption Tax

  • We will not charge customers with Japan's consumption tax.
    However, consumption tax is included in the automatic reply e-mail
    (the e-mail sent immediately after your order completion),
    therefore, we will be sending you a "Thank You" e-mail mentioning the
    total order amount with the consumption tax excluded.

Privacy Policy

  • Regarding our customers' personal information (address, name, e-mail address, etc.), we are taking the utmost care. Your personal information may be used for, and be used only for conducting our business.
  • Matters pertaining to personal information are controlled within the confines of the law and unless required by government to disclose such information, personal information shall not be disclosed to third parties without prior written consent.