About overseas shipment

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1.Delivery・days・shipping fee

All products overseas shipping compliant for 8 (eight)! (International shipping EMS will be used.) * Some items are impossible from the country.
It will take about 1 to 2 weeks from the date of ordering (varies from country to country). ※ Date can not be specified
Please be advised that Free shipping event held by our shop are not applicable for international shipping.
Since the shipping fee depends on the weight of the package, the exact shipping fee will be contacted separately by e-mail after your order.
If you want to know the approximate shipping cost before ordering you can roughly estimate with the weight table below.

※ Please use only as a guide.
※ Please examine the total weight of the product + shipping cardboard.

After estimating the weight, please check with the EMS delivery fee table below.


8(eight)商品 <各商品 重量表>
outerwear Tops Pants Slim Tai Bag
450g~1000g 250g~600g 300g~700g 50g 100g~1200g
Belt Sunglasses Accessories Cap Stall
100g~200g 50g 50g 100g~150g 150g~300g
Shoes Wallet Yukata set Yukata single・Zinbei Kimono accessories
600g~1200g 100g~250g 1100g 350g~450g 150g~450g

Cardboard for delivery (60 sizes) 42cm×30cm×9cm(Width × height × height) Example) 2 Tops 350g
Cardboard for delivery (80 sizes) 42cm×30cm×15cm(Width × height × height) Example) 1 pants + 2 tops 450g
Cardboard for delivery (100 sizes) 42cm×30cm×20cm(Width × height × height) Example) 1 shoes 600g
Cardboard for delivery (140 sizes) 50cm×40cm×30cm(Width × height × height) Example) 2 outerwear + 2 tops 730g
Cardboard for delivery (160 sizes) 92cm×39cm×4cm(Width × height × height) Example) 2 bag + 2 shoes 980g

2.About payment method

If ordering from overseas, please order by credit card payment only.

About credit card withdrawal
* It conforms to each credit membership agreement.
* Payment method can be used only in lump sum payment.
【Pay with credit card(VISA / MASTER / JCB / AmEx / Diners)】 Attention of amount change
* The exchange fee when changing credit card billing amount is customer's burden.
* Refund may be received for 2 ~ 3 months.

In the case of shipping from Japan to overseas, please order by a settlement method other than cash on delivery.
※ As the change in the amount will occur, please be sure to pay after confirming the amount.

3.How to order ・ Notes

When ordering please write the shipping address, address, name, zip code, telephone number in English.

If goods are returned to Japan due to long-term absence of payee or tax or customs fee payment,
Please be aware that shipping costs may be incurred by the shipper, which may result in a customer burden.

You can not send the items you send as gifts .

Requests such as change of the declared amount of the product or change of the product name can not be accepted.

Overseas shipment is a service only to send the item specified to you,
Please understand that responses such as warranty etc may not be the same as domestic and the responsibility such as breakage of products may not be taken.

4.Cancellation ・ Change ・ Return / Exchange

Cancellation / change after ordering can not be done.
In the case of overseas shipment, except for defective products and defective products, products can not be returned or exchanged.
In the case of breakage of goods at the time of delivery or mild defect, we can not return or exchange items.

5.About customs and tax exemption

The amount including the consumption tax will be the overseas selling price.
(Originally, sales tax does not occur to overseas sales, but please bear 8% as various expenses.)

Tax exemption is not supported

The tariff rate varies depending on the shipping destination country.

It is roughly 10% to 15%, but in some areas it may exceed 25% ~ 30%
Please contact each customs authorities.

Shipping fee depends on weight.
Regarding shipping fee, we have measured the weight including packaging at our store after ordering,
We will inform you by e-mail separately.

Tariffs may apply separately. In that case, it will be borne by the customer.

Payment of tariffs is an obligation as an importer.

Please pay here directly to a delivery company or customs.

Because the provision will be different depending on the destination country of delivery,
For details please contact the customs authorities of the delivery destination.

6.Shop Information

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#401 Yonebuilding 246
35-10 KOMAZAWA 4-Chome
Shop manager: 伊藤憲博(NORIHIRO ITO)