Cameo's feature, maintenance method etc according to the type of cameo.
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We will introduce the nature, features, maintenance method etc according to the type of cameo.

Basic knowledge and care of shell cameo

I will talk a little about a shell cameo.
If you have shell cameo, please have a look.

Shell cameo is the embossed work by carving the white part and the brown part of natural shell. All the shell cameos are handmade jewelry by the cameo carvers.
Currently the Italian Torre del Greco is famous as the world's largest production area, and many cameo carvers are also based there.
Shell cameos are made from natural shells, so exactly the same cameo do not exist.
Also, since the design of the cameo is derived from the image of the artist, originality, scarcity and artistry are extremely high. The value of a cameo is clear also from the fact that many European aristocrats collected the cameo.


Shell cameo roughly has two kinds of motifs, myths, paintings and bibles and the profile of a lady(woman).
Also, cameos such as angels, animals and flowers are also popular designs.

Types of shells

There are several materials like Sardonyx Shell(brown), Cornieria shell(light brown) mother-of-pearl (pearl color), and Conch shell (pink).


Please gently wash the dirt with diluted neutral detergent. After that, sufficient cleaning, dry wiping is necessary.

Shell cameo is vulnerable to shock and pressure, so when wearing clothes, please wear in a low position.
(In order to prevent cracking when falling). We also recommend using a silicone rubber for preventing falling.
When not using, please avoid direct sunlight, strong drying and save.

Basic knowledge and care of Stone cameo(Agate cameo)

Carving a cameo requires years of experience and design sense, advanced sculpture techniques, knowledge of agate stone.
Mr. Mueller's cameos have been highly recognized from all over the world as a "Art Jewelry".

Design of cameo

Mr. Muller's cameos are famous for women's profile, angels, and animal motifs, and there are many deformed loose designs. The contrast between soft lines (hair, flowers, clothes) and sharp profile is wonderful, and it is the greatest feature of Mr.Muller's cameo. That wonderful expression have been highly praised by cameo fans all over the world.


Mr. Muller himself selects and manages the finest agate stone for his cameo, and is responsible for the fineness of fine texture, stone quality, hue, presence of inclusions, thickness, etc. The feature is to visually look very stereoscopically by carving a white part called snow white with transparency.

Place of origin

For cameo stones, natural agate is used. There used to be many in Idar Oberstein, but today Brazilian products are mainstream. THe amount of agate that can be used for cameo is about only 3% of the total output, so agate themsalves selected to be carved as cameos are very valuable jewels.

Care of agate cameo

Agate cameo can be washed with soap and toothbrush. Please note the lipstick, foundation etc. because the white part of the cameo is easy to dye. Agate is the same hardness 7 as quartz which is very hard gem, so it is rare that it gets scratched by normal use, but please be careful as it will cause cracking and chipping if dropped or with large pressure. When you do not use cameo for a long time, please keep them avoiding direct sunlight and strength drying.


Who chose SENNEN JEWELRY'sy cameo based on what standard?

The store manager is responsible for all the cameos dealing with SENNEN JEWELRY.
He has actually been checked all cameos with below check points.
The sculpture of the work, the level of contrast, work materials and authors, cracks and color unevenness of authenticity material of signature, existence of inclusion and beauty of the back side, And he has been sold the only cameos which meets the grade which he convinced as a professional.

What is the point of deciding the value of a cameo?

As a price standard, it is decided by comprehensively considering the authority of the author of the work, the quality of the material, the level of carving, the size of the work, scarcity and so on.
But, if the amount is high, it is a wonderful work, it is different. Cameo is a creative art. So I think that it is the worthwhile cameos touching individual's heart.

Can you accept repairing of damaged frame or bended pin after purchasing?
◆I bought only a cameo loose, can you process it into a brooch at a later date?
◆I would like to change the image of the brooch with luxurious decorations on the frame, is it possible?

Of course they are possible.
Details are different for each piece so please do not hesitate to contact us first.

As a cameo beginner, can you give me advice on which one to buy first?

First of all, we recommend affordable pendant of agate cameo.
I think that it will be surprised that it becomes a unique and elegant atmosphere even with a simple attire.
In addition, Mr.Muller's cameo pendant top of fine carving is particularly wonderful.

Will not the cameo deteriorate even after a long period of time?

If you save it neatly, neither agate cameo nor shell cameo will cause alteration or discoloration. Please store both agate cameo and shell cameo avinding too much coldness and direct sunlight.

In addition, there are some people who recommend that you should apply oil ingredients (oil) for reasons such as preventing the drying of shell cameo, but the main components of shell cameo and pearl are the same calcium carbonate (CaCO 3) So they dissolves in acid.
Regarding oil, the oil itself oxidizes and discolors and becomes an oxidizing substance, melting calcium carbonate. Therefore, oil coating is harmful to the shell cameo, not a good method of care.
Please do not apply oil to shell cameos as well as you should not apply oil to pearl.

What is a cameo carver certificate?

Cameo's authenticity (its material and carver) is very difficult.
There are many institutions that prove whether the material of a color stone is genuine or not, there is no such a place in the world where the carver of a cameo and the signature can be proved as genuine.

Also, because there are only a few people familiar with cameo, its authenticity was almost impossible for ordinary customers.
Even in retail stores, which is the final point of contact with customers, they are simply dealing with products made by jewelry makers, so there is no way to guarantee the authenticity of cameos, and that was a very uncertain situation.

The cameo carver certificate attached by us is the one that guarantees authenticity, who the carver of this cameo is and what kind of material is used, by showing the photograph both of the carver and his/her cameo.

Why is the price so different depending on the shop selling the cameo?
◆Why can SENNEN JEWELRY handle high-quality cameos at such superior prices?

Japanese retail stores handling cameo usually do not buy cameo directly from cameo carvers. Distribution of the cameo is very complicated route such as author → importer in Japan → cameo wholesaler → jewelry manufacturer → retail store.

Also, they need a skilled craftsman with special skills to process brooches and pendant framing. In retail stores that do not have these craftsmen in their company, the current situation is that cameo brooches made by jewelry makers can be handled at high prices.

Also, even in the final retail store, when opening an exhibition etc. at a department store, etc., we are selling with great expense such as setting expenses of the venue, place fee, personnel expenses etc, so it is likely to be inevitably expensive.

SENNEN JEWELRYA have been bought cameos directly in the place of origin, and those cameos are to be frame processed by the craftsmen in-house. In addition, its sales are not sold at stores, etc., but are sold directly to customers online. Therefore, although cameos are overwhelming high-quality ones, we can sell them at affordable low prices.

Currently"SENNEN JEWELRY" is the only one shop that sells all cameos ranging from agate cameo to shell cameo with the above system in Japan.

Can we buy cameos at lower price at overseas local shops?

We can say the answer is NO.
There is nothing to guarantee that cameo to be bough at a local shop abroad is at lower price and of fine quality. Rather it is safe to avoid shops for foreign tourists.

I often heard that a clerk explained that it was K18 frame cameo, so a person bought it but later it was proved to be plating by seeing peeled easily. And there are bad products that do not actually contain gold as stamped.

Regarding cameo, as long as we see the situation on the ground it is even more miserable. Of course, not all shops are in such a state, but I think that it is very difficult to see them when visiting by sightseeing.

What is the meaning of the title logo "You will be in love with the one in future." by SENNEN JEWELRY?

European aristocrats inherited their heirloom and the cameo which passed hundreds of years in that period often exists.
Although the evaluation of the artistic and rarity of the cameo was so high that it became a collection of aristocrats, I would like to spread the wonderful cameo which is such a small art more widely to many people in Japan.

A memorable cameo that spent time with myself will be handed over to my posterity all the time.

If you touch such a wonderful cameo, I think that surely your future will be also in love with that cameo .

In the title logo "You will be in love with the one in future." by SENNEN JEWELRY, there is a strong message that we will introduce such wonderful cameos which do not change in value even after a thousand years and keep attracting people of future generations.

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