Report of the city of shell cameo, Torre del greco
The city of shell cameo, Torre Del Greco

The city of shell cameo, Torre Del Greco

Torre del greco report by SENNEN JEWELRY manager.

SENNEN JEWELRY shop manager's Torre del greco report

Torre del Greco is located in the southern part of Naples, on the coast of the Mediterranean, climate is mild, easy to spend. In addition, there is a sightseeing spot Sorrento famous for the beauty of the Vesuvius volcano famous for the ruins of Pompeii and the coastline.It is a scenic place just surrounded by the sea and the mountains. Currently most carvers of shell cameos are based here as activity centers and there are art academies that teach cameo carving etc in this city.

This is the hotel where I often stay at Torre Del Greco.

There is a small hotel (there are only 5 rooms). It's quiet and beautiful, so it's easy to spend, I like it.

As I expected it is a hotel in Southern Italy, so they have a wine cellar.

You can enjoy your favorite wine at the poolside.

You can see Vesuvius Volcano just behind the hotel.
(The gentle mountain on the left is Vesuvius Volcano)

It is around 30 minutes by car to Pompeii which became an archaeological site by the eruption of Vesuvius.

In Torre del Greco city we can see large pine trees and lemons like the picture everywhere.

Speaking of Naples is still a pizza.

It is thickly baked and moist.

As expected as the city of shell cameo, there were shell lamps inside the shop as interior.

It's Naples that you can see far away.

The harbor of Naples is also famouns for song of Santa Lucia.

It is around 20 minutes by car from Naples to Torre Del Greco.

The tree below is olive.

From the fruits of olives, we can take oil as you know Southern Italy is famous for producing particularly good quality oil.

I arrived at the coast.

Because Torre Del Greco faces the ocean, this sandy coastline continues.

The blue of the Mediterranean and the sky are beautiful.

As a Torre Del Greco's industry, there are a lot of fisheries besides shell cameo, fresh seafood from these harbors will be brought to Naples and elsewhere.

It is downtown Torre del Greco. I could see that people in the neighborhood is living friendly in these generous apartments.

There are many devout Catholics in Italy, so there are many such churches in the city.

The 3 floor building on the right of the photo is the Toru del Greco's Art Academy (School of arts of carving).

THere are about 200 students,about 90% are studying cameo sculpture and about 10% are learning carvings and drawings.

Mr. Ceseno Gallione was teaching on cameo carving, and the students were working hard to become artists and masters in the furture.
(The building on the left is a church)

I will introduce about Toray del Greco's shell cameo from here.

Speaking of Torre Del Greco's biggest industry is still a shell cameo.
They have been importing the shell from the Caribbean coast as cameo's material.

Conch shell from the left, Corneri anchel on the lower right and Sardonic shell on the upper.

The size varies from 30 to 40 cm.
The imported shells are dried in the sun in half a year to a year.

In this way they cut these shells in each workshops.

Since the shell is large and thick, cutting is a heavy-duty work that requires concentration and experience.

Ther subdivide them into rough size at the time of the first cut.

I am doing chamfering of the cut shell.

An they from the roughly cut shell into a certain size (50 x 40 mm etc) to make a carver easy to carve.

The material has a rank such as color tone and thickness, black and white contrast, fine texture and presence of inclusions, etc. They are divided for each quality in roughly 4 to 5 ranks.

After that they arrive at the shell cameo carver and are finally carved as a cameo.

The shell is fixed with warm rosin and a short rod and carved with dominant hand with a cutting tool called Bruno.

They often carve while watching motifs, etc., and sometimes we give them a motif to order.

After graduating from the art academy, a young artist will train at a famous carver's workshop like Mr. Perniche, and acquire further experience and skill.

It's not many people who become a world famous carver and can have an own workshop. It's really narrow gates.

And is finally the completion of the shell cameo.

After that, we will introduce these cameos I gave from the cameo carvers to everyone in Japan.

In order to be able to carve such shells of rigid materials with such irregularities so far, it is necessary to have experience and skills that took a long time.


Finished shell cameo will be framed last as jewelry such as brooches.

There are some cameos to be frame processed in Italy, but in terms of the quality such as the thickness and purity of the frame and the beauty of the metal fittings and the finish, because Japan is better now, we basically do high-quality frame process in Japan to looses of cameo.

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