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Cameo catalog

Maestro Aniello Pernice's cameo and catalog(We are Japanese Authorized Distributor.)

Hans Peter Muller's stone cameo catalog(We are Japanese Authorized Distributor.)

Sardonyx Cameo(Brown type) Woman, Girl, Greek myths motif

Flower, Rose motif

Angel, Fairy motif

Animal(dog, cat, Dolphin, Pegasus, etc.) motif

Conch shell cameo(Pink type)

Cornerian shell cameo(Brown orange type)

Stone cameo(Agate cameo)Hans-Peter Muller's agate cameo(We are Japanese authorized distributor.)

Stone cameo from authentic Idar Oberstein

(German national authorized meisters, Andreas Pauly, Daniela Becher, Erwin Pauly, Gerhard Schmidt, Michael Peuster, Simone Postler, Susanne Ostgen etc.)

High quality natural coral cameo

High quality natural turquoise cameo

Rare material cameo

(Cheron-made Fantastic Cameo, Lava Stone Cameo, Amber Interior, Italia Ruotolo Work Mini Tulle, Marble Cameo, Burgos Shell Cameo, Mother of Pearl, etc.)

High class cameo frame case

Guidance of order cameo frameSimple cameo frame

Original cameo frame

Backing frame for clipped cameo

Color stone jewelry catalog

Star ruby, Twi star ruby, star sapphire

Natural diamond

Color stone jewelry


Famous paintings related to cameo motif

Characteristics of each cameo carver

Care by materials and knowledge on cameo

Late Carlo Parlati's treasured works

The favorite items of the queen of the Habsburg family who loved the cameo

A city of shell cameo · Torre del Greco in Italy

Elegant coordination with cameo

Cameo carvers

Maestro Aniello Pernice

Luigi Lama

Francesco Monastero

Ciro Accanito

Francesco Terminio

Hans Peter Muller

Ciro Oris Marrazzo

Antonio Guarracino

Aniello Pernice

Carlo Parlati

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