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You can purchase cameo, star ruby and diamonds with confidence at our shop.

Seven peace of mind to shop safely

Thank you for coming to our store.
SENNEN JEWELRY staff will respond to the needs of our customers with these seven safe.
Please enjoy shopping with confidence.

1.Reliable achievements

5430 items sales

From March 2006 when SENNEN JEWELRY began selling the Internet, by December 2018, 5430 items were delivered to customers.
We are very happy to be able to deliver lots of wonderful cameos and Star Ruby jewelries and Diamond jewelries to so many customers. Thank you very much.

2.Guarantee of security

1 year warranty for all products

We will promise repair free of charge for one year from purchase, if defects occurred in the original used in the engraved part such as the frame of the item you purchased or pin fittings.
(Damage due to customer's reasons such as falling, damage due to inadequate use etc excluded.
Also excluding products that can not be engraved in situations such as jewelry made from overseas and special frame closure etc. that the cameo can not come off the frame. ) Please do not hesitate to contact us if there is a need for maintenance or repair even after one year passed.

3.Secure security

The highest ranked SSL encrypted communication

Although shopping on the Internet at the first store tends to be uneasy, In 1000-year jewelry, purchaser's personal information and purchaser's card information are encrypted using the highest ranked SSL technology and all are perfectly protected so you can enjoy shopping with confidence."

4.Genuine security of relief

Genuine security of all products

For cameos and jewelries slod by us , all writers and materials written are guaranteed genuine.

5.Reliable low price and high quality

Good quality jewelries at conscience price

The SENNEN JEWELRY introduces only works which our manager carefully selected, produced by excellent cameo carvers of the world directly, to everyone. For that reason, we have achieved overwhelming high quality and surprising low price.

6.Rich assortment of peace of mind

World's largest selection! Always about 600 items

Beginning with German agate cameo, Italian cameo cameo, we have jewelery of all kinds of cameos from all over the world.
The number of items and their quality will be the No.1 in the world.

7.Reliable kindness and politeness

Kindly helpful staff professional advice

All the staffs and craftsmen of SENNEN JEWELRY are gentle people who love arts!
We have experiences and insights as a professional and skill is going second to none.
We will correspond with a motto of kindness and politeness to requests and questions.

shipping information
paymenthow to payment

You can pay by bank transfer or Rakuten Pay
You can use credit cards UFJ · Master · VISA · AMEX · JCB.
We will ship after confirming payment with all items prepaid.
Please pay the above-mentioned fee related to payment at customer's expense.
After ordering, customers who wish to make a bank transfer, please transfer to the designated account within two weeks. Cancellation treatment will be done when the payment due date passes two weeks.

About privacy protection
We deal with your personal information strictly and treats it according to the Personal Information Protection Law.

For data transmission related to personal information, SSL which is encrypted communication is used for security.

We will not disclose personal information to third parties, but we do not limit it if it falls under the following cases.
When requested by a court or a public agency such as police based on laws and ordinances.
The life, body, property of a customer or a third party may be damaged, and the consent of the person can not be obtained. etc

Enjoy safe and secure internet shopping with SENNEN JEWELRY.


abaout freight free serivce

Basically we use EMS for dispatch to areas other than Japan.
I will e-mail the payment amount including the shipping fee by replying after ordering.

We will deliver it by EMS former payment.
EMS is safe with damages and cargo tracking service.
Usually we will ship within 2 business days after confirming payment from customer.
But when sizing, frame processing etc. are included in the order, the shipping time will be notified by reply e-mail after each order.


Business hours 10:00~18:00


Return / Exchange

Returned or exchanged for customer convenience is unopened or unused It will be within 3 days from the item arrival date, or within 7 days from the order date.
For dealings past either of the above deadlines, we can not accept returns or exchanges.

In addition, original goods according to customer's request, jewelry to produce after receipt of order, And those processed and repaired frame of cameo (including during processing) Due to the nature of the product, we can not accept returns or exchanges regardless of reason.

Also, regarding the items ordered during our sale, due to the nature of the sales period We can not accept returns / exchanges regardless of reason.

Also, from the viewpoint of maintaining quality and guaranteeing authenticity for all jewelry using diamonds We can not accept any returns or exchanges after delivery.
Please understand beforehand about the above before placing an order.

Regarding returned goods, Please readhere.

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