Greek mythological painting which became a cameo motif
Greek mythological painting which became a cameo motif

Greek mythological painting which became a cameo motif

Many things came from Greek mythological gods as cameo subjects, and many motifs for cameos are taken from famous paintings.
Here we would like to introduce the famous and beautiful paintings that are based on Greek mythology.
The Greek myth is the long poetry of the gods that underlie Western literature and art, and deepening their insight on them leads to further understanding of the world of cameos.
Let's take a look at such a wonderful Greek mythical world with beautiful paintings
You may know the roots of the cameo you collected.

1.The Twelve Opympians

The Twelve Opympians

First of all, it is fresco (ceiling painting) depicting Olympus Gds and Goddesses which became the main of the Greek myth.
Olympus is the highest mountain that exists in Greece, and it was regarded as a sacred place where the gods and gaddesses live in the peaks of the clouds.
Please pay attention to the point that each gods and gaddesses have the belongings that become each symbol.
Also, in this painting of the following twelve gods and gaddesses, but some Gods or Gaddesses may be different in Greek mythology and in Roman mythology.

Gods and Gaddesses and their symbols appearing in Olympus's 12 gods and gaddesses

Gods or Gpddesses and their symbols (in parentheses)
1 God of earth Cybele (Lion)
2 The god of the blacksmith Hephaestus (hammer)
3 The gods queen Hera (peacock)
4 The sea god Poseidon (Pike of the three-pronged)
5 The supreme god Zeus (eagle)
6 Father of the gods Cronos (sickle)
7 Goddess of hunting Artemis (hound dog)
8 Trading god Hermes (winged helmet and cane)
9 The goddess of love Aphrodite (Cupid)
10 The sun of God Apollo (harp)
11 God of battle Ares (helmet and sword)
12 Goddess of the festival light Hestia (light)

2.The Primavera Spring

The Primavera Spring

Too famous Botticelli's painting "Primavera" (spring)…
Zeferos, the god of the westerly wind , appears from the right and blows the wind to the goddess Cronos of the Earth, flowers come out from the mouth of Cronos and decorate Primavera.

The goddess Afrodite who is located in a higher place graciously accepts everything and gives blessings, and next to it, three beautiful gods dance Rondo together. Each represents "love, chastity, beauty".
And at the left end Hermes holds the cane over the sky, clears the clouds and leads everyone's way.

It is a painting representing Renaissance as an allegorical expression which expresses "spring" in all.
And above the head there is an angel blindfolded and trying to shoot the arrow of love to the three gods.
It means "Love is blind", that's true ... Spring is also a season of love.

 Gods and Goddesses appearing in Primavera spring

Gods and Goddesses appearing in Primavera Spring
1 Hermes
2 Three Graces (maid of Aphrodite)
3 Aphrodite (Venus)
4 Spring and flower goddess Primavera (Flora)
5 Chloris (Zepheros' wife)
6 The god of west wind Zeferas

3.Flora Kingdom

Flora Kingdom

Mainly Flora, the goddesses with flower-related legends, are paintings gathered together.
On the clouds, Apollo, who controls the sun that is necessary for flowers, runs through the sky with four horse carriages and gives light.
And from the left, it is Aias (Greek swordsman of the Trojan War) trying to hurt himself with his own sword.

Aias loose his hero Achilles and was supposed to have killed himself after following it.
His red blood is said to be carnation.
Narcissus is in love with myself who looked at the a water jar without hearing courtship next to it.
Looking at himself too much made daffodil looking downwards.
And the one looking up at the sun is Krutier, who fell in love with Apollo, that turned into a sunflower that always turns its flowers to the sun.

It is a young beautiful boy, Huakinthos who holds his head next to Flora, changed into Hyacinth .
It is Adonis who brings a dog and has a spear next to it.
Adonis was killed by Ares who transformed into a boar on the way of hunting. The blood shed at that time became an anemone.
And below there are Crocus and Smirax.

The gods and goddesses that appear in the kingdom of Flora and the flowers of that symbol (in parentheses)

The gods and goddesses that appear in the kingdom of Flora and the flowers of that symbol (in parentheses)
1 Aias (carnation)
2 Narcissus (daffodil)
3 Clytie (sunflower)
4 Flora (flowers)
5 Narcissus (daffodil)
6 Hyacinth(Hyacinth)
7 Adonis (anemone)
8 Crocus (crocuses)
9 Smilax(Smilax china (species of sarsaparilla)

4.Zeus and Hera

Zeus and Hera

the supreme god Zeus sits on the throne of the clouds, the eagle obeying by the side, has a dignity with a cane manipulating the lightning bolt.
A woman next to Zeus, taking good care of him, is not his wife, Hera who is the queen of the gods and goddesses.
She is Tethys, the mother of Achilles.It is the scene where Tethis came to Zeus to sidelight with his son Achilles army.

So where is hella, Zeus's correct wife? you may wonder. The woman who looking through from the upper left is hella.
Actually, Zeus was a serious cheater, and had children with many goddesses besides Hera.
Hella is watching such Zeus from the shade firmly. The highest god seems like something like human being.

5.The Birth of Venus)

A birth of Venus

Speaking of Italian Renaissance paintings, many people may think of this "birth of Venus".
Venus born from the sea bubble got on the shell and arrived at the coast of Cyprus island pushed by the westerly wind blown by Zeferos.
It is a goddess Hora of the season to put a cloak on Venus feeling shy.

Many gods are seeking a beautiful Venus, but the partner chosen by Venus was the most ugly Hephaestus.
However, Venus can be embraced in various love even after marriage. Because she is a goddess of love ...

Well, here is the quoestion. What happened to her husband's Hephaestus who cheated?
1.Get angry
3.Hw also cheats.
5.Cry and ask Zeus


...The answer is!?

What a 4th "forgive" was.
He had always forgiven Venus who always returned to him.
Hephaestos!It is amazing!

6.Eos and Apolon

.Eos and Apolon

Eos is the goddess of the dawn, which is equated with Aurora in the Roman mythology.
It is Eos who is flying and leading the golden horse-drawn carriage of Apollo, the sun god.
Dawn always illuminates the dark night and brings the sun, they seem to have been often drawn together.

And Eos was also a goddess that became the origin of the aurora.
By the way, Eos and Apollon are brothers, and their sisters have Selene, the goddess of the moon.

It is Musa that follows Apollon's chariot.
Moussa is the name of the goddess who controls literature.

7.Eos and Cephalus

Eos and Cephalus

Eos, the goddess of dawn, illuminates the white as if to wrap the night sky still dawn in veil.
She is trying to raise Caeparos still sleeping in such a situation, sprinkling rose petals.
Although Cepalus is an ordinary human being, he was liked by Eos because he was a very beautiful goy, and he was brought to the top of the cloud.
Eros (Cupid) who is helping him with holding hands and raising is adorable.

8.Eros and Cupid

Eros and Cupid

Eros is a winged child with a bow and arrow that freely manages love, whose name changes as "Cupid" in Roman mythology.
There is the theory that Eros is the son of Zeus and Aphrodite, and there are many objections.
The man shot at the golden arrow will heavily fell in love with those who chosed by Eros, in the case of lead arrows, you will hate him or her.

Eros was drawn as a youth in the beginning, but it gradually became infant and became a large number of them.
From its mysterious appearance, in posterity it became depicted as a "angel of heaven" ain religious paintings.
Here, in particular we gathered famous paintings respectively.

9.Apolon and Daphne

Apolon and Daphne

Even the gods, Greek myths did not necessarily mean that everything got a happy ending as they wished.
One day, Apollo, the god of the sun, laughed at the poor bow of Eros compared to his own golden bow.
Eros who was laughed at his bow and got angry, shot a golden arrow on Apollon, hit Daphne with an arrow of lead as revenge of mischief.

Apollon who fell in love with a bow and arrow, and Daphne who refused and escaped him.
And at the moment that she was caught and hugged by Apollo, Daphne asked the father who was the god of the river, to turns into a laurel by his magic.
In fron of Apollo, magically the leaves of Daphne's arms were increasingly bushy, the body was covered with bark.
Apollon was still in love with her who had become a laurel, at least he made a crown with laurel and kept on wearing it for a long time.
What a pathetic!

10.Eros and Psyche

Eros and PsycheEros and Psyche

Do ordinary people and the romance of the gods come into existence?

In Greek mythology, the gods have appeared many stories in love with humans.

Among them, Psyche, a human lady, and Eros' love was a love story that was particularly representative.

One day, under the order of mother Aphrodite, Eros came to release Psyche's arrow of love.

However, Eros who witnessed the beauty of Psyche got crazy at hand and unintentionally hurt his finger with his own arrow.

Eros then fell in love with Psyche ...

After that, Psyche was left in the mountain by the father who received the oracle, but at that time she was blown off by the strong wind of the westerly god Zeferos.

And Psyche who arrived at the mansion in the wind was handled graciously there, and at the evening she began to live well with the owner who came back.

Psyche was told that she should not look at such a master at all for some reason, but finally she could not stand it and secretly looks at her master asleep on the light of the lamp.

The master was Eros!

Psyche surprised by its appearance spilled the oil of the lamp, and Eros woke up.

And Eros looked at Psyche who broke his promise and saw his appearance with sad eyes, and went away.

After that, Psyche looked hard to find Eros, but finally she could not find him.

And She was exhausted and fell down.

Then, from whatever else, Eros returned.

And Eros gently hugged Psyche and swore eternal love with them.

And they were ascending to ask Zeus to admit their marriage ...

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